Nothing to blog so have a cone…

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Feel very tired today, I’ve done a general cleaning and did two loads of laundry plus we undo the pipe in the bathroom sink like a plumber, it looks like unplugged water does not goes down easily it was so slow.  Just so lucky that there’s no gym tonight so I am not that dead tired but still I need to go out to buy a bottle of olive oil.
I have nothing to blog folks aside from I am busy from house hold chores and tweaking another blog template as of tonight, going to sleep in a minute. So while dropping by here in my blog here’s a  cone of ice cream to entertain you don’t lick it too much, please think of my other visitors okay? Left them some cone…teheee..joke2. Happy Thursday, its already Thursday here eh.,

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5 Responses to “Nothing to blog so have a cone…”

  1. Silvergirl says:

    weee licks all πŸ˜› hehehe ano yan pampalamig mo? .. sleep tight!

  2. chubskulit says:

    Hahaha nothing to blog daw eh two paragraphs nga itong post lol..

  3. Nene says:

    I must say, this is a nice picture to drool over.. hahaha! excuse me po…

  4. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    sundae i like .. kyla said mama ice cream gusto ko after makita eto hehe. San kaya ako hahanap sa oras na ito.

  5. Vernz says:

    hingi… hehehe.. ako din nothing to

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