Kit-Kat and Choco Mania Ice Cream in the Street of Bulgaria

Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert which is usually made from dairy products, milk and cream and often combined with different flavors like fruits. The weather in Bulgaria is warm and eating ice cream is very popular, as you can find ice cream booth every where.

Ice Cream Bulgaria

Ice cream in the street of  Bulgaria is sold per weigh and not sold per scoop this is what I noticed.  The flavors I have tried already are Kit-Kat, Choco Mania, Eclair and Forest Fruits.

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Nothing to blog so have a cone…

Feel very tired today, I’ve done a general cleaning and did two loads of laundry plus we undo the pipe in the bathroom sink like a plumber, it looks like unplugged water does not goes down easily it was so slow.  Just so lucky that there’s no gym tonight so I am not that dead tired but still I need to go out to buy a bottle of olive oil.
I have nothing to blog folks aside from I am busy from house hold chores and tweaking another blog template as of tonight, going to sleep in a minute. So while dropping by here in my blog here’s a  cone of ice cream to entertain you don’t lick it too much, please think of my other visitors okay? Left them some cone…teheee..joke2. Happy Thursday, its already Thursday here eh.,

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