Praise: Dedication and 1st Birthday Celebration

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It was been a habit around here to dedicate the child on his 1st birthday because it was economical for parents to prepare and held only one reception in span of one year.

Well, it was a year ago when we visited my younger cousin in the hospital after giving birth to her first child, it was a joyful occasion because her daughter was the first grandchild of her parents when two of her older siblings were already married but no child yet, and with less than a year this younger cousin gave birth to their second child which is a son.

Baby's 1st Birthday and Dedication

Anyway, today is my younger cousin’s daughter 1st birthday and dedication, their house is about 300 meters away.  Most of their visitors are just relatives and the church people, they really prepared for the celebration because they have plenty of food and the reception was decorated well.

After eating, kids and kids at heart went busy getting the balloons decorated around the reception, I took one in a shape of a pretzel.

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