Short Visit at Loveland Beach Resort

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My mother been infected with “wandering virus”, she is always the first one who will tell us to do road tripping, if she found something new to visit around our island she will surely be the first one to get ready. My father had been telling us not to wander alone because he worries that we might meet bad people or accident along the way and there will be no one to help us. To ease this worry, my mother decided to asked our second cousins to travel with us so in case we have  a flat tire along the way there will be someone to help us find a vulcanizing shop so we let them used our other bike.

Our destination? The beach resort that went trending in Facebook because of the long bridge going to the ocean which is  made of bamboo. Yes, it is Loveland Beach Resort in the Municipality of Ferrol, a private residence, but however people are welcome to visit the beach and the pier.

It took us less than one hour from Odiongan, the road going to the resort isn’t concreted, it is mixed of rocks and mud, it will be a bumpy ride but it will be worth it.  When we arrived there were men working, we asked them, where to go, if there will be an entrance fee or sort of things to do, but it looks like there were none because they just tell us to go.

At the entrance, you’ll read Pier 68 and a welcome sign. You will pass along the mangroves before seeing the beautiful view of the ocean and the sturdy bridge. It looks like Libertad Mangrove Forest was inspired from Loveland Beach Resort.

There are two men busy working along the bridge, they are changing the old bamboos to a new one.  Nearing the end of the bridge there are two shades that could be used for swimming haven and when we visited there are a set of kids who swam like fish and a foreigner enjoying the water.

When you walked farther, you will end up in a closed door, but behind that door was like a private hall that could be used for a barbecue party, there was also some boats in docked.  We really didn’t take long, we just snap some photos and walked back to the entrance, it was scorching hot because we visited the place mid-afternoon.

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  1. Budi Fernandez says:


    Were you able to get a contact number? We plan to visit the place sometime next month.

    Thanks in advance

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