Celebrating My Sister’s Birthday – Dinner at Bantigue Resort

It was my sister’s 26th birthday yesterday and we celebrated it by eating dinner last night at Bantigue Resort as planned, it was like a double birthday celebration because it was my father’s birthday the earlier week. We left early from Odiongan, so we won’t be hurrying in the road since it is in another town.

We arrived at 8:15 in the evening and there wasn’t a lot of people except to three females having a good time drinking below the bamboo Eiffel tower where we sat before. Since, we are five people they decided that we should just use the table upstairs, we’ve ordered and while waiting my sister and I entertained ourselves taking photos on the balcony overlooking the well lighted Eiffel tower, the Big Ben isn’t lit.

We have ordered two beers (₱45/bottle) for my father and BIL, five servings of rice (₱75), fruit shakes (₱70/glass), pancit canton (₱110), sweet and sour pork (₱180), mixed vegetables (₱150), sizzling chicken sisig (₱150), shanghai fried rice (₱100), sizzling pork sisig (₱150) and a bowl of crab soup (₱110). Within 20 minutes the mango and buko shakes were served first and the rest wasn’t served until an hour, in my father’s disappointment. Yap, when the food was served we are already sleepy and starving because it was already 9:30 in the evening. I guess, we have ordered a  lot and it took them long to cook our orders and guess what, we really ordered a lot because we are not able to finish all of our food that we requested them to be takeout except for crab soup which I enjoyed so much.

We are told that the Shanghai rice is only good for 2-3 people so I have ordered extra five cups of rice, but when it arrives it is good for the five of us. The food at Bantigue Resort is exceptional in a very affordable price because they come in good servings.

Well, what’s disappointing I didn’t even received a thank you from my sister for treating her twice on her birthday, lunch at Ashley and dinner at the popular home of the bamboo Eiffel tower in Tablas.

Brgy. Punta, Looc, Romblon
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/biz/Bantigue-Resort-760704667473655/
Mobile No. – 0948 748 0724

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal opinion and experience and might be different from yours.

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Round Tablas on Independence Day

Today, is Independence day so it was a holiday. We decided to visit nearby town, but wanting to see more and breathe some more air we did a Round Tablas again. We started from Odiongan to Looc, Ferrol and to Alcantara then to Sta. Maria where we had our stop over to take some pictures, then to San Agustin, Calatrava to San Andres and back to Odiongan where came from.

There was of lot of progress in the municipality of Sta. Maria, the construction of the highway was already completed, the road became spacious and larger.

We really didn’t take long because we still need to return to Odiongan, we didn’t start our road trip early, so we don’t have an ample time to do dilly dallying so we continued our journey to the municipality of San Agustin, we stopped over at their town to buy some snacks, my mother loves their siopao so much eh.

Along the way, I was surprised to see that there was already kiosk along the highway, it was a good spot to see and admire the beauty of Mt. Payaopao. My sister then told me that they already saw it when they went with us in the jump-off when we did the anniversary climb, and since it was my first time seeing it,I requested her to stop so I can take pictures.

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Road Trip and Eating Dinner at Bantigue Resort

My mother feeling stressed asked my sister if she can drive us to town, we left and when we are halfway there our mother realized she forgot to wear a jacket so we’ve returned home to get one, and that’s where we decided to do a night trip to the nearby town of Looc, making it possible my mother asked one of our cousins again to go with us, my father can’t go because he is already tipsy.

My sister and his boyfriend weren’t in good terms but she still asked him if he want to go with us when we saw him sitting in his friend’s house, he did.  It took us about one hour to reach the town of Looc, everything was closed so we decided to visit Bantigue Resort,  which rise in popularity in 2015 because of the well lighted Eiffel tower (replica), the famous landmark was made of bamboo and to add more attraction, a well lit Big Ben was added.

When we arrived, nobody welcomed us making us adamant to go inside. I have to ask where to go and what to do and that’s where someone from the bar finally asked us, if we are only going to take pictures or are we going to make an order.  I asked for their closing time since it was already 9 o’clock in the evening, was told they closed at 10 o’clock and since we still have one hour before closing time, I replied we are going to eat and we are five people. The woman guided us below the Eiffel tower replica, we look and order first from their menu before taking our time taking photos around the resort.

Well, since we are so giddy yup taking photos around, we didn’t realize that our food was served after 30 minutes. I have already seen the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris and seeing the replica doesn’t excite a lot.

We have ordered rice, pork sisig, milk fish sisig, canton, mixed vegetables, extra rice and a glass of mango milkshake for me. Their food comes in good servings in affordable price. As expected, my cousin and my sister’s boyfriend ate like a cat, that if you brought them to an eat all you can restaurant the owner will be happy. Yap, we are not able to finish the sisig’s so we mixed them together and asked to wrap it for us.

We pay our bill and drove back to Odiongan in hurry because it was already late in the evening. We arrived in our house before 12 midnight.

Bantigue Resort is a private residence turned to a resort. The creativity of the owners show in every corner of the house. The collection of bonsai is relaxing to the eyes during the day, highlighting the huge Eiffel Tower replica at the forefront of the property. Bantigue Resort is open for swimming, Family Gatherings, Parties, Reunion and other Special Events! – asiatravel.com

Brgy. Punta, Looc, Romblon
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/biz/Bantigue-Resort-760704667473655/
Mobile No. – 0948 748 0724

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal opinion and experience and might be different from yours.

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Short Visit at Loveland Beach Resort

My mother been infected with “wandering virus”, she is always the first one who will tell us to do road tripping, if she found something new to visit around our island she will surely be the first one to get ready. My father had been telling us not to wander alone because he worries that we might meet bad people or accident along the way and there will be no one to help us. To ease this worry, my mother decided to asked our second cousins to travel with us so in case we have  a flat tire along the way there will be someone to help us find a vulcanizing shop so we let them used our other bike.

Our destination? The beach resort that went trending in Facebook because of the long bridge going to the ocean which is  made of bamboo. Yes, it is Loveland Beach Resort in the Municipality of Ferrol, a private residence, but however people are welcome to visit the beach and the pier.

It took us less than one hour from Odiongan, the road going to the resort isn’t concreted, it is mixed of rocks and mud, it will be a bumpy ride but it will be worth it.  When we arrived there were men working, we asked them, where to go, if there will be an entrance fee or sort of things to do, but it looks like there were none because they just tell us to go.

At the entrance, you’ll read Pier 68 and a welcome sign. You will pass along the mangroves before seeing the beautiful view of the ocean and the sturdy bridge. It looks like Libertad Mangrove Forest was inspired from Loveland Beach Resort.

There are two men busy working along the bridge, they are changing the old bamboos to a new one.  Nearing the end of the bridge there are two shades that could be used for swimming haven and when we visited there are a set of kids who swam like fish and a foreigner enjoying the water.

When you walked farther, you will end up in a closed door, but behind that door was like a private hall that could be used for a barbecue party, there was also some boats in docked.  We really didn’t take long, we just snap some photos and walked back to the entrance, it was scorching hot because we visited the place mid-afternoon.

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