Simple Celebration: Our Mother’s 50th Birthday

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Today is our mother’s birthday, we have no plans to prepare something because we are financially lacking since my father’s a week salary was used to pay the farmer who harvested the grains and plowed the rice field, and our father wasn’t around too because he works out of town. But when they went to town in the morning, instead of buying fish for our viand, my sister suggested buying rice noodles so we could try something new and then it will look like a pancit too for our mother’s birthday.

Pancit Miki

My sister cooked it, and after lunch we went to town to buy cake since I have a little savings but before doing so, we went to the surplus shop, they were on huge sale again. We just look around and buy few shirts since we have no extra funds for them. The clothes too were bigger; I am quite thin now a days that I have to wear belt even on my daily shorts, after it, we bought the almost $8 chocolate cake roll for my mother’s birthday.

Chocolate Cake Roll

Well, at home I teased my mother that since she is already 50 years old, she should get matured now and stop being a child to us, that even a little thing she will ask us to do it for her. There are times I felt like I am the eldest of three daughters, and I have two younger sisters, my mother and my younger sister.  We always end up fighting because we don’t agree with each other, we have different perception and likes and to avoid it I learned not to middle on their business and insists what I think is right. I guess, I have grow so much and get tired of our little fights.

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