Sofa Set in the Street of Icheon

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Seriously I need a break, I need a break from blog hopping what I mean Entrecard dropping.  Since I decided to add my two blogs in entrecard I am dropping cards over time,  my schedule  is in the afternoon or evening I am going to dropped using my two new cards, then in the evening my travel or personal blog plus  visit also my friends on my link exchange. Well its reshuffle sometimes my personal in the afternoon, I need a break right now because I want to watch few TV shows, so see you folks later…Hehe, drama!

But for sure I can’t take a break because while watching I can stop my hands from opening a new tab, haha. But before that this my share of red for Tuesday, taken after gym. This are still good looking chairs, sofa set or sala set but they are already thrown by owners, so if you want one picked your choice.


Korean throw anything in the street as long as they don’t need it, not like us me Pinoys we keep holding on to them which is sometimes for display. There are times you can see a good looking cabinet in the street, it really looks like brand new and when a truck came they will just tore it down. Sayang!

My husband kept telling teasing me that I should picked the green one because he knows how I want to have a relaxing chair inside our apartment, we don’t buy things, furniture and etc., here because we’re not going to live here for a lifetime plus our stay in one apartment depends on his work contract, so if he got  a new job it means new apartment.  So carrying just two big back pack is a relief.,

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6 Responses to “Sofa Set in the Street of Icheon”

  1. Mayet says:

    it's the same here! pero me schedule naman.

  2. Lainy says:

    Oh! That's so sayang nga naman Rhy. Sana dito sa Pinas ganyan din, LOL!

  3. Jade says:

    It's the same in Singapore, people throw alot of stuff whenever they think they need a change.

  4. Vernz says:

    hehehehe.. sarap ng buhay nyo parang camping parati…. yung pula

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