Spending Chuseok at Home

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As everyone else might know last week was a long holiday here in Korea, because of Chuseok (Thanksgiving day), it started from Wednesday up to Friday and then the weekends.  Unlike those previous holidays we just stayed home this year, we didn’t go to Philippines like last year because my husband still cannot get over with the slow process in our immigration and we also didn’t go to other big cities in Korea to do sightseeing.  We spend the holiday at home watching movies, reading and tinkering our genealogy program. Unlike those normal days, it was so quiet around no kids running and shouting in the street, most of the stores and establishments are closed too.


Anyway we celebrated Chuseok on Friday by grilling some meat that I bought before the long holiday and buying a chocolate cake from Paris Baguette which disgust my husband because he already informed me to buy different cake.

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