Spending Chuseok at Home

As everyone else might know last week was a long holiday here in Korea, because of Chuseok (Thanksgiving day), it started from Wednesday up to Friday and then the weekends.  Unlike those previous holidays we just stayed home this year, we didn’t go to Philippines like last year because my husband still cannot get over with the slow process in our immigration and we also didn’t go to other big cities in Korea to do sightseeing.  We spend the holiday at home watching movies, reading and tinkering our genealogy program. Unlike those normal days, it was so quiet around no kids running and shouting in the street, most of the stores and establishments are closed too.


Anyway we celebrated Chuseok on Friday by grilling some meat that I bought before the long holiday and buying a chocolate cake from Paris Baguette which disgust my husband because he already informed me to buy different cake.

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How My Husband and I Celebrated My Birthday

Today is my birthday but my husband and I celebrated it in advance. We started it last Friday, he cooked macaroni spaghetti for me. Yes you heard it right he is the chef of the day, he added black olives and ground Cajun sausage.

Then when it is cooked we went out to buy cake, mozzarella cheese and some pastries. We  went to Paris Baguette and I choose milk chocolate cake to have a change. I always choose chocolate cake on my previous birthday celebration eh, so this time still chocolate cake but with milk., Haha

Paris Baguette Chocolate Cake

On the next day we headed to Popeyes to order chicken and biscuits, we didn’t make it on the previous night because we are too full, so we have two days celebration. While we are waiting for our order we walked around the supermarket and bought a spreadable butter.

Then we had a competition who’s going to arrive in Paris Baguette first, we took different route with an agreement nobody will run just to win. Well I arrived in Paris Baguette first without running because I just walk straight unlike him he needs to walk around.

We bought profiterole and baguette from Paris Baguette and few more pastries. My husband says when we are already outside the door of the bakery,  the store clerk might think we are pigs, because the other night we just bought a cake and pastries and that night we bought more pastries.

Just want to say thank you for all the greetings, and to the person (J) who made a long week celebration of my birthday, thank you very much.

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Paris Baguette Walnut Pound Cake

Today pookie bear arrived with a blue paper bag from Paris Baguette on his hand, so I am thinking what’s the occasion upon seeing it but I can’t recall anything so I’ve asked him where the present came from. One of the parents of his student gave it to them, because yesterday some of the parents visit the class to observe. When I opened it I found a cake, a Walnut Pound cake to be exact. Pookie bear says it is all mine because he won’t eat it, he is still on diet. Lucky me!

Paris Baguette Walnut Cake

I forgot about this cake until I told him it is cold then he asked me if I turn on the heater I said Yes, he asked me again if I already ate, I replied No. He said I need to eat to make me warm, but I answered I am lazy I have no time to eat. That’s where the time I saw the blue paper bag then I remember this cake, so while writing this post I am eating walnut pound cake with a mocha coffee to drink. The cake taste good, yummy it is sweet but not too much I love the walnut on it. You want some?

Anyway Paris Baguette is one the most popular bakery here in Korea. There is one or more in every corner of a town. There bread and cakes are excellent , they sell everything from bread and donuts, to extravagant cakes and cookies. The price depends on the size and what it is made of, since I arrived here in Korea Paris Baguette is the bakery we trust even thought sometimes we went to a French Bakery which also offer yummy cakes.

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