2015 A Year that Was

New Year, New Hope that’s what I always heard and read but is it really true or just a false belief invented for people on their wit ends?

Nothing much happening around, I am just staying home watching movies and sleeping without even finishing them and doing some small chores at home. I can’t do heavy work since my chest became so painful when I carry heavy loads; I’ve work hard a few weeks ago and I almost end up being bed ridden. It hurt so much; it feels like some concrete blocks were put in top of my chest, I think I need to see a doctor soon since my back is bothering me too; maybe I already have scoliosis from carrying heavy bags in my back, but my worst thought the lump is getting bigger and affecting some of my nerves already. I was initially planning of saving money little by little so I can see a doctor and have an operation since my parents can’t afford it but blogging isn’t getting any better so I guess I will endure the pain during my entire lifetime.


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More bloggers already stopped blogging because there aren’t more opportunities online and maintaining domains is becoming costly since Goddady removes the discount codes on domain renewals, then bloggers have to pay hosting fee which is also expensive since it cost a few hundred dollars per year or depending on the type of hosting account. Well, like some of the bloggers I know most of my blogs too were prone to deletion this year because I can’t continue my domain and hosting subscription anymore. I was thinking if I should continue maintaining this blog because I will not always be online anymore too since internet load is getting expensive without stable earning online.

Well, I just heard from the neighborhood that the water station is selling their water almost half the price than the re-sellers are selling them, no wonder why a lot of re-sellers like us already stop reselling. I can’t understand how these people are thinking, I have heard from a grapevine before the year ends that someone will also resell beauty products and what is worst they will display them where people in the street can see them (maybe they will built a shop) and if it happens were dead, another source of income will be gone. Yes, it isn’t that strong but it helps a little especially my father has no job; honestly I don’t know what these people feeling towards us because they seems to copy what we started.

In short, 2015 wasn’t a good a year for me, it was the year my light dies and then more unfortunate lucks came, less opportunities online, copycats and my father having no job. Sometimes I am coming to the point of giving up and just sleep forever. So 2016 be kind to me please, don’t give me reason to cry this year I am tired of already that I may not be able to reach 2017 anymore if you will also be bad to me.

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