Blogging here in Bangladesh

Hi folks, how’s life? How’s your Christmas? Blogging here from Bangladesh, currently we are here in Khulna in one of their top ends hotel. We are going to take a six hour bus later to Dhaka, so while killing our time just messing around inside the business center. It’s a long bus trip but we have no choice every hour counts, we can’t wait for another day just to take the local plane to Dhaka. So approximately we are going to arrive Dhaka early in the morning and then fly to Chittagong.

Just finished our advance dinner too, darn I am bloated and had a take out of my food too, maybe it will served as packed dinner tonight at the bus (lol). Wish me luck that I don’t pee on my pants, hahaha. I have a lot of stories to tell when we got home. Well more pictures too but of course it will be on my travel blog, right?

So as for now I am wishing you a Happy New Year!

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Spending Christmas in Bangladesh

Hello everyone, hope you all got  a lovely day today. I had a pretty busy day today cleaning some mess here and doing laundry actually it is not finish yet, have to clean more stuff and do another load tomorrow. I’ll be out for blogging for nine(9) days, we had our flight to Malaysia tomorrow evening but we need to leave our place in the afternoon and had a last bus going to the airport. After our flight we need to fly again to Bangladesh and finally visit some historical mosque’s and temples. Oh well I need to pack my things tonight and it is so stressful so leaving all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you guys next year!

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