Letting Go of My First Ever Blog and Migrating the Contents

Living in Korea through independent visa a few years back means I am not allowed to work and without source income it means I can’t send money home.  My family is my sole responsibility with the help of J’s laptop which I am allowed to use when he is at work I searched for ways to work and earn money at home. I found several blogs that teach me how to earn money online, I tried paid to click sites but the earning isn’t promising and then I found out that it is possible to earn money online by only writing about myself and my daily life and this thing was called blogging. I created my first blog at blogger.com, a free blogging platform and was able to buy my first domain a year after.

Mentioning about it, my very first domain will bid goodbye soon since I am not planning not to renew it anymore. It’s very regretting because the blog I have to let go has traffic, ranking and thousands of its pages has been indexed by Google. It’s very saddening too but I have to let go of it since maintaining a lot of blogs today isn’t a great idea when I can’t update them all. I have already planned to republished the article in my other blogs according to niche, I have already moved some personal post about living in Korea (2009-2014) over here, so if you’ll notice my archives here there are old posts added in them. I have a lot of personal posts on that blog since it was my first ever domain and my first ever blog in the web, that’s where I post everything about daily living in Korea before this blog came.

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Goodbye Blogging?

More of my blogs will bid goodbye before the year ends. It’s sad not to renew them since they have page ranks but I have no choice I can’t pay the renewal fee anymore, it is getting expensive to renew the domains and blog opportunities are getting scarce these days. I have only earned about $20 for the month of November and it isn’t even enough for my internet load expenses, how much more domains renewals?

Upon updating the site metrics I have found that most blogs and websites went down, the domain authority dropped tremendously which is not a good sign for bloggers since it is a very important measurement in websites popularity after updates on page ranking was stopped by Google.


Well, I don’t know what I should do now since I can’t design blog themes anymore, the internet speed isn’t good enough to constantly reload a website while designing it, it requires a strong internet connection to upload images repetitively, and there isn’t an order for new theme designs anyway since earning through blogging is very slow making the bloggers can’t afford to buy personalized theme for their blogs.  It’s true that a lot of my blogger friends quit blogging and look for regular job; I guess I must do the same but with the number of unemployed graduates in our town my chance of finding a work without a connection is slim. I guess I should start accepting laundry task from neighbors or learn carpentry skills huh?

Maybe in a few months, or a year I’ll be gone in blogging world and the internet and I’ll be just at home looking at the ceiling and counting lizards. Even so, all I pray is to have food in our table enable us to survive living.

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