How I Spend Christmas Day with Fun and Sadness in my Heart

We slept late last night but I have to wake up early so I can attend Christmas service because it was scheduled early. The church is full than normal, wasn’t able to understand the sermon because some people are too noisy, this is what I hate sitting at the back. My sister initially suggested we should seat in the front but I didn’t agree with it because I am wearing a dress for the first time in church and just a small mistake on my seating position, the universe will say hello.

The scriptural topic is about “Accepting Christ”, when the short service ended, candies and cash were given to small kids and then groceries to grandparents.

Some of the relatives who were not able to go in our house last night dropped by, there is still left over spaghetti and purple yum, my sister just reheat the sauce so it is warm. Gladly, I have a few small bills too because small kids came over to ask for Christmas gift, it was quite embarrassing if I am not able to hand any amount since they were with an adult. I wrapped notebook for a neighbour kid since she cried a lot last year and won’t accept cash when she saw the gifts under our Christmas tree intended for my Godchildren. Our relatives stay a bit longer after meal and we just have conversation about their babies because while they’re eating we look after them. My younger cousin’s youngest baby has an eye problem; he was diagnosed blind by a doctor when his eyes didn’t blink after lighting up a medical flashlight on them. When we first heard about it, we have asked if the light in their bedroom was very bright, and indeed it was so they started putting a bath towel in the mosquito net to block the light, the baby improves a bit since then, looking after the baby we noticed he can see a bit because his eyes follows us when we move, like when I seated behind his head he rolled his eyes up, and he smiled and cooed a lot when you talk with him too, my aunt informed us that her daughter doesn’t know how to talked with the baby, breastfeeding him is enough for the mother and while we are talking my older cousin G’s wife came over with her two kids and everyone had so much fun with lot of kids around but when our relatives left our house I felt empty and that’s where depression ate me, eating at the Christmas table feasting at the leftover food I can’t control myself and broke to tears, I have asked my mother what will happen to me now. Am I going to live like this until I grow old? Am I going to be forever alone? My sister blurted out that she’s around to look after me, then my mother told me that’s why I should not treat my sister badly if I don’t want to grow old alone because she will be the only person I can rely on when time comes…

Well, we’ve watched a Korean variety show “Running Man” which my sister downloaded online while resting but I fall asleep without my knowing after being exhausted with my feelings and when I wake up it is almost evening.

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It’s Going To Be A Sad and Lonely Christmas

Christmas is different this year; I have blogged last year that Christmas isn’t so merry and I think it is even worst this year. If I only knew that last year is a way better than today, I wouldn’t complained at all.

Well, since October, there’s already few carolers came to our house singing Christmas songs, found a few in the streets as well unlike last year there’s only one  who got lost in front of our house and it is almost Christmas time when it happened. Today, the town is well adorned with Christmas lanterns and lights and there is a Christmas Bazaar in town too this year compare to last year with no decoration at all, so how on earth I say Christmas is even worst this year when some of the things missing last year were here today? Well, Santa knows it all…

Christmas in Town

We don’t have Christmas tree this year; it is quite obnoxious to have one. Anyway, last night when I am alone at home since my family is in town, carolers came by and without money to hand over to them I took the only money in my wine bank, yes it is empty now, and then I also gave the sole income from the ice packs, gladly someone bought 3 ice packs before they came or else I will just remain silent inside our house, when they left I have heard the kid with them asked the person who received the money on how much did I gave to them. LOL

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