Dreaming of Walking, Plucking Cacao Fruit and a High Fence

Dreams are normal occurrence to me every night but there are times I can’t remember my dreams and there are times I can. According to what I have read from quora.com it is normal because there are some theories suggesting that we remember our dreams when our brain transfers them from short-term to long-term memory before waking up. One possibility is that our brain neuro-chemicals during sleep are very different from during wake time and so they don’t allow us to consolidate memory.

Dreaming of Seeing Cacao Tree

[Image source: commons.wikimedia.org]

Anyway, on my dream last night I saw myself wearing a student uniform in the street, then I went uphill where there are houses, I saw fellow students along the way but I am walking alone, I continue walking in pebbled dirt road, it my dream it wasn’t my first time going to the area, it looks like I have been there once with my friends and classmates. Well, there are a lot of trees around but what caught my attention is the cacao trees, they are bearing fruits, a lot of fruits that trees are almost covered by them then I saw myself picking a cacao fruit while it is raining but I guess it is more of stealing because I am scared to be caught that I have to hide the fruit in my bag right away, I continue walking until I reached a very tall bamboo gate fence which I think more than 20 feet high, been there before but this fence wasn’t there, the old bamboo fence is a bit farther, so I am anticipating to see vacant lot  behind it but when I peep through the spaces I’ve seen a  new bamboo house with gas lamp on, not just one house but about three of them and a few meters away is the old bamboo gate which is lower. After a while I decided to leave, there are few houses along the pebbled dirt road then suddenly I saw myself in a busy street, walking along the sidewalk. There are a lot of sidewalk stores with bright lights, I turned in an intersection and I passed through the famous bakeshop where I saw breads and pastries being beautifully tied with ribbon and displayed in shelves.  Inside I saw a young boy being held by an adult, in my mind there is a thought that I have to find a job soon, it looks like I am looking for a job that’s why I am in a busy street, and then I woke up.

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