Dream of Picking and Eating Strawberries + Apples

Dreams are like fantasies, they were false realities and delusion of a sobbing heart. My dreams were too vague that I cannot remember them anymore when I wake up; almost two weeks ago I have dreamed of escaping away from home with my mother and sister. My father was very angry of us leaving; we found a shelter in a hut under a huge acacia tree at the field which is not that far from our house in waking life. Inside the hut, we found plenty of strawberries and apple fruits growing, we’ve picked with our hearts content. The strawberries are so red and big while the apples are red and shiny. I only picked strawberries because I was thinking to pick apples when I am done with the strawberries, when I can’t control myself anymore I ate them while picking strawberries, they were so sweet, delicious and juicy.

Meanwhile we are picking we found kittens in the hut lying in the dirt floor. What caught my attention is the sleeping calico kitten, a cat in three colors. My mother initially doesn’t want to adopt them but I told her that a three color kitten brings good luck which is the same belief in waking life and since we cannot go out because the fear of being found by my father, we opened the door of the hut to look for someone who could buy cat food for us, when we opened the hut’s door instead of seeing a vacant field, we are in concrete neighbourhood.

Strawberry Dreams

[Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt/pexels.com ]

Strawberry Dream interpretations:

  • Dreaming of strawberries is favorable to advancement and pleasure. You will obtain some long wished-for object. To eat them, denotes requited love. To deal in them, denotes abundant harvest and happiness….{source}
  • To dream you see a strawberry indicates that you will have incredible luck. {source}
  • Dreaming that you eat or picked strawberries, predicts that you are to enjoy true love. {source}
  • Dreaming of seeing fruit ripening among its foliage, usually foretells to the dreamer a prosperous future.
  • Eating fruit in your dream foretells a good life full of abundance.
  • Bitten fruits are a sign of late realizations, and if you are biting from a fruit in your dream, you will display proof of tact and diplomacy. Harvesting fruits tells that you can count on a good life. If the fruits are red, you will enjoy good health and pleasures. {source}

Well, I saw and ate them but like someone had told me I am delusional so maybe relying on dream interpretation is a fantasy, creation of a crazy mind but let’s admit it, it is kind of fun to know these and wishfully believe that a good life is waiting at the end of the tunnel, isn’t it?

Apple Dreams

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Apple Dream interpretations:

  • Apples are omens of luck in love and good business. To see an apple in a dream indicates that you are in a lucky time. {source}
  • Apple is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, perfection and beauty, fulfilled goals and desires. If you see ripe apples on the tree, then your hour of triumph has begun. It’s time for all your hopes to come true, so thoroughly think about what you want from life, and what actions you should take in order to move towards your dream. {source}

Well reading through the dream interpretation I found online, my dreams seems good. They were actually very promising, enough to pacify a crying heart and weary mind.

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Dreaming of Walking, Plucking Cacao Fruit and a High Fence

Dreams are normal occurrence to me every night but there are times I can’t remember my dreams and there are times I can. According to what I have read from quora.com it is normal because there are some theories suggesting that we remember our dreams when our brain transfers them from short-term to long-term memory before waking up. One possibility is that our brain neuro-chemicals during sleep are very different from during wake time and so they don’t allow us to consolidate memory.

Dreaming of Seeing Cacao Tree

[Image source: commons.wikimedia.org]

Anyway, on my dream last night I saw myself wearing a student uniform in the street, then I went uphill where there are houses, I saw fellow students along the way but I am walking alone, I continue walking in pebbled dirt road, it my dream it wasn’t my first time going to the area, it looks like I have been there once with my friends and classmates. Well, there are a lot of trees around but what caught my attention is the cacao trees, they are bearing fruits, a lot of fruits that trees are almost covered by them then I saw myself picking a cacao fruit while it is raining but I guess it is more of stealing because I am scared to be caught that I have to hide the fruit in my bag right away, I continue walking until I reached a very tall bamboo gate fence which I think more than 20 feet high, been there before but this fence wasn’t there, the old bamboo fence is a bit farther, so I am anticipating to see vacant lot  behind it but when I peep through the spaces I’ve seen a  new bamboo house with gas lamp on, not just one house but about three of them and a few meters away is the old bamboo gate which is lower. After a while I decided to leave, there are few houses along the pebbled dirt road then suddenly I saw myself in a busy street, walking along the sidewalk. There are a lot of sidewalk stores with bright lights, I turned in an intersection and I passed through the famous bakeshop where I saw breads and pastries being beautifully tied with ribbon and displayed in shelves.  Inside I saw a young boy being held by an adult, in my mind there is a thought that I have to find a job soon, it looks like I am looking for a job that’s why I am in a busy street, and then I woke up.

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