Shopping for Home and Getting Some Sweet Treats

I woke up late today after eating lunch we went out to buy fluorescent light for our bathroom as it just stop working, we first went to Kim’s Club Mart or which is now Emart Everyday but we didn’t find one, we just bought few treats like cheese stick and onion rings and then look for another store. Then go home and return to the market again to look for an organizer four our kitchen, we ended up buying a stackable tray.

Cheese Sticks

On the evening we had pizza and chocolates, from Pizza School and Watson. I have ordered Napoli Pizza for me and Pepperoni for my husband.

Napoli Pizza

Instead of  waiting for our pizza we went to Watsons for Sweet Treats,  when we pay in the counter the sales clerk asked me to choose one from the free items in the corner, I choose tiny sunblocks and then she added sample of BB Creams.


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Super Prime Pizza

There’s a lot of pizza place around us which took only 5-10 minutes but believed it or not but we went to E-mart which is 35 minutes far from us just to buy this slice of pizza and walked home again after wards.

Super Prime Pizza

Haha, actually we are looking for something other than pizza, we decided to walk to test how far is it because mostly we are taking a taxi as we don’t know the exact location of the shopping mall. So today it materialized, buying a pizza is just accidentally when we passed along  the pizza stall. I am so lucky to pick a different flavor huh?

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