Missha Sale on Super Aqua Hydrating Toner and Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel

Everyone loves a bargain and sales are really big temptation that is hard to resist. Going home after submitting my visa application in Seoul I stumbled to Missha’s outlet in the Express Bus Terminal without thinking I just went in to look around, I am looking for a toner to cleanse my face at the end of the day. I have asked the sales clerk for the best toner but the one she showed me is quite expensive so I just go with Super Aqua Hydrating Toner, it was on sale for ₩7, 850 and I think it is a good product as I remember seeing most Korean women buying Super Toner when the Missha outlet in Icheon was on sale.

Missha Super Aqua

While paying in the counter the Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling gel for ₩6,800 got my attention, it was also on sale so I paid for it as well together with Missha Shower Cologne for ₩2,800, it was already a good deal because I saved few thousand won.

Super Aqua Hydrating Toner

  • Retail Price ₩9, 800/150ml
  • Sale Price: ₩7, 850
  • Savings: ₩ 1, 950

Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel

  • Retail Price: ₩10, 800/100ml
  • Sale Price: ₩6, 850
  • Savings: ₩3, 950
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Shopping Online for Pasalubong

Shopping online is one of the more convenient thing to do and one of the things I have enjoyed the most when I have extra cash to spend. My shopping haul is not for myself, but for my family. I love sending presents to them and any products that I found sale online.

Pantene Shampoo 90ml

Recently, I shopped frequently so I can fill the “balikbayan box” I need to send home. It is for my family and gift for my relatives as we are leaving Korea soon. One of the items I bought online are Pantene shampoo, they are cheap for ₩590 per 90ml bottle. These are perfect as a homecoming gift to my relatives, right?

ON Body Soap

I have thought shampoo is not enough as a gift so I search for soaps that are on sale in Gmarket, I was lucky to find ON body soaps on sale (ON: Lovely Perfume and ON: Sweet Perfume) ₩6, 900 for 10 soaps so I bought 2 sets, making it 20 ON body soaps.

Closeup 100ml

With the Lunar New Year coming there are plenty of items on sale in Gmarket and when I found a good deal for Closeup toothpaste, ₩2, 900 for 100mlx5 I bought five sets making it 25 pieces of 100ml Closeup toothpaste, also a perfect match for my gift set, isn’t it?

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How to Shop in Gmarket

Online shopping has become a real popular alternative to shopping in malls and local stores. Shopping online offers many different ways to save money and there are many online shopping malls to choose from but one type that is real economical is a portal shopping mall that gives cash back or offer deals and discount on all purchases.

Gmarket Shopping

In Korea shopping online is one of the popular trend. There are many shopping portal online caters locals and foreign shoppers, and one shopping portal catering global shoppers is Gmarket, a leading e-commerce marketplace in Korea since it has been founded in 2000 and a brand of eBay Korea. Gmarket gives sellers a flexible and comprehensive sales solution and buyers a tremendous selection of goods at competitive prices.

Gmarket is my favorite place to shop online because it is convenient and items are cheaper than the local stores. The shopping portal also offer discounts, coupon codes, free return and delivery in special cases.

Gmarket Registration

First time shopper in Gmarket? Do you like to create an account, you can start shopping in Gmarket by registering an account. Choose global so the site will run in English language, once you create your account you can start shopping in Gmarket. Add the items you like in your shopping cart, if you live in Korea add them in domestic delivery and if you want to ship the items overseas choose overseas delivery.

Gmarket Coupons

Before you hit PLACE AN ORDER look for coupons to avail discounts on the item in your shopping cart, to use the coupons just click the orange menu “Apply Coupon” on your shopping cart and you can see all the usable coupon for your order, choose one and click apply. The discount will now reflect on the item in your shopping cart, fill-up the delivery information and choose your payment method in payment options you can pay thru credit card, sending money (bank transfer), mobile payment and paypal.

Gmarket sellers offers fast delivery, my order always arrived 2-3 days after payment.

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Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

Shopping for shampoo and conditioners is what I love the most when they are on sale. I am hopping from the nearby supermarket to look for sale and discounted hair regimen but I can’t find any. Of course, my favorite thing to do is to shop online. Shopping online is more convenient and I can get the best discount using coupon codes and free shipping deals.

Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

I have tried many shampoos already, but when I used Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall I have noticed my hair becoming softer and shinier and since then I have been using this brand. Thinking that Dove shampoo will be expensive in the Philippines I decided to buy more Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner to be sent home.

Retail Price: ₩11, 900/780 ml
Sale Price Online: ₩3, 900/780 ml
Savings: ₩8, 000/780 ml

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Buying a New Scale

My husband and I bought a new scale when our old one stop working despite of having a new battery. Our new scale is solar power and we are hoping we can use this longer. What confuses me though when I weigh myself at home my weight is less than when I weigh myself in the gym. It has 1 kilogram difference so I don’t know which one is right, well I guess scales has different weighing system.

Anyway for your own information there are different scales according to its uses, there are food retail scales that can be used for food, fruits and in the kitchen, weight bathroom scales for fitness and infants, industrial scale for shipping, medical and laboratory scales and special scaled that are used for wrestling and weighing jewelries.

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Shopping for Groceries at Kim’s Club Mart

Nothing new around me aside from wishing to lose weight, the other day my husband shop for our daily supplies as we run out of rice. He want to buy 10kg of rice as he don’t like carrying a big sack but when I found out that the 10kg of rice is same price of the 20kg I insist of buying it. He agreed in one condition I am going to be the one who will carry the rice without thinking I said yes despite that Kim’s Mart is quite far from our place, the money that we are going to save is the only thing matters to me.

After shopping for other stuff and paying into the counter, I asked him to put the rice on my head. Oh well, maybe he felt embarrassed to other people that he is the man and I am the one who will carry the rice he told me that he will carry it. So the result I carried three large bags and it took me forever to go home. Lol! I am just carrying less than 10kg what if I ended up carrying the 20kg of rice I might roll in the street just to go home. Silly me!

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Buying Green Peas at Icheon Public Market

Last week when I went out to buy something for home, Pookie bear told me to look for beans in Kim’s Club but before going to the supermarket  I decided to walk in the town market to see if there’s beans, I saw an old woman selling something like beans so after going to Kim’s Mart to buy some supplies I return to the place where I saw the old woman, I don’t have a plan to buy but the way the old woman looks like she is so sad and lonely, like business is not good that day as I don’t see anyone stopping and buying something, so I stop in her front and pointed the beans which is green peas by the way and asked how much, she said “Samcheon” but as I don’t know how to speak Korean and I cannot understand anything, I gave him 5,000 won ($4.62) , then asked her if it is enough or right, I don’t know if she understand me or not but she wave her hand like telling me its okay and I can go away now, anyway as I am not really sure I waited for few seconds  to give me change but as what I can see she slowly put the money so I said to myself maybe I have no change, so I walked out and she never called me to give a change or something.


When I reached home, I feel like the green peas is quite expensive for 5, 000 won so I went to Google translator and translate the monetary amount English to Google, and there I found out Samcheon is 3,000 won ($2.77). Lol! Then Pookie bear who just came out from the bathroom asked me what did I bought. I said I bought a green peas aside from the items he told me to buy, he gets little angry as I didn’t follow our rules again not to buy items not on the list, he added he told to look for beans and not buy green peas,  I replied I feel pity at the old woman so I bought something to her.  He asked me how much is it, I told him the woman says “Samcheon” but I gave her 5,000 won. He laughed after hearing it and says I feel pity but the old woman ripped me off, lol.

To make it short, I pay for the green peas from my allowance he don’t want to shoulder it as it is my fault and it is not in the list and I am the one who bought it and I am the one who will eat it.  So I eventually paid, I didn’t think any bad thoughts about the money but had a slight thoughts that maybe she really ripped me off, anyway I just told myself maybe the old woman thought what I am saying to her is, I am giving her a tip as we cannot understand each other. So next time I guess I should learn how to say to numbers, price, amount in local language. Anyway as the Bible says if you do good things to others God will bless you it means  it is a good Karma but I don’t know if I do a good thing,  I feel blessed these past few days, I  am quite busy designing WordPress Theme, I got a direct advertiser on my site and now I have a page rank.  Thank you Lord!

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Shopping for Cake Breads and Potato Chips

My Goal is to Loss Weight so after gym yesterday I weigh myself again and to my depression instead of losing weight I am gaining, Pookie bear says it is because of my diet.  He laughed at me after knowing my weight because I laughed at him when to told me he loss 2 pounds.

Korean Cake Breads

I have told him I am gonna loss 5 kilos in one month (lol), anyway as it is are cheat day yesterday we went to Nong Hyup instead to Kim’s Club Mart where we usually goes during Friday. My goal of losing weight already forgotten, I grab few cakes (bread) and potato chips. So wish me luck girls, I already slowly dropped eating chocolates and as of now I am craving for ice cream but being penniless stopped my craving and Pookie bear seems helping me 🙁

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Shopping: Naughty Cat Earrings and Accessories

As I have blogged yesterday I went out to buy iron supplements for me, before buying it I’ve seen a newly open store where there’s a lot of Korean girl’s in chaos. So after I went to the pharmacy I went inside the store, oh well the store looks  like Redeye where the primary products are earrings, hair accessories, key chains and other small accessories. I took a little  basket and I also look around like others, its kind of busy and there’s really a lot of girls, grown up and even primary students busy on choosing key chains maybe for their bags. I don’t think they already appreciate bangle earrings eh, so they are on key chain stands which are made in different shapes, animals and cartoons.

A feeling of luxury and the pursuit of cuteness accessories – Naughty Cat

The store has no counter yet, the guy was just standing in a tall chair with a head microphone and speaking something on their language, and usual I am into earrings even though I can’t used them as we don’t always go out, aside from taking sight seeing plus it is also very unfashionable to wear long earrings and you are wearing pants, t-shirt and rubber shoes. Hehe, So I just bought them to keep or somehow for my sister or else it can be a good business for my mother to sell few Korean accessories, and I am going to save for that. Hehe

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My Box of Polysaccharide Iron Complex

As I have blogged lately I am bored but I just found out it is not really boredom, it is simply tiredness. I am not very energetic, I even feel weak going to gym. I already observed for the past few months that I always got a cold feet and hands, my husband keep teasing me I am a cold blooded. If before wearing socks can comfort me these past few days it won’t anymore, I still feel cold not my entire body but as what I have said just my feet and hands. So last night I research what does this feeling cause, so here’s what I have found out:

  • Parasites
  • Allergies
  • Hypo-Thyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Candida
So probably I am anemic, lack of iron in short because I am not eating a balance diet and I just eat two times a day with big servings, I sleep late as two o’clock in the morning sometimes later than that.

So today I went out to buy iron supplements. The pharmacist gave me two kinds of iron supplement I picked this one because this is the cheapest for $55.08, the other one is times two.  It is 120 tablets good for 4 months.  When I reached home, Pookie bear asked me to return it to the pharmacy because it is very expensive just for iron supplements but I didn’t follow him because it is such an embarrassment. So the end result I have to pay for it, my three weeks allowance was gone. Huhuhu

Just a little information Anemia is a decrease in number of red blood cells (RBCs) or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood and is the most common disorder of the blood.  Some common ymptoms are feeling of weakness, or fatigue, general malaise and sometimes poor concentration. They may also report dyspnea (shortness of breath) on exertion. In very severe anemia, the body may compensate for the lack of oxygen-carrying capability of the blood by increasing cardiac output. The patient may have symptoms related to this, such as palpitations, angina (if preexisting heart disease is present), intermittent claudication of the legs, and symptoms of heart failure.

Hopefully the feeling that I can’t explain that there are days I feel tense that my heart palpitates abnormally is because of being anemic and not a heart disease, and I also hope my frontal headache is because of being anemic and not because of my eyes, I don’t want to wear eye glass and I think my blood don’t really circulate well because sometimes I feel pain like electricity shock on my arms and legs plus I cannot crack my fingers, I remember when I had a massage my aunt says  if I can cracked my fingers, it means good blood circulation but I can’t so it is not good circulation.
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