Jeju Chocolates from My Husband’s Student

When my husband came home from work I look after his bag to get his lunch box and today when I did it I am surprised to see a hello kitty zip bag with chocolates .

My husband says it was from one of his student who went to Jeju for short vacation. The zip bag is marked with 영어 선생님 (English Teacher) so probably the student gave present to all of her subject teacher, what a sweet gesture isn’t it? Anyway I ate all of this chocolates because my husband is on his diet I mean he don’t eat chocolate on week days just on the weekend.

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Harabang Jeju Tangerine

I am being pre-occupied these days, it looks like there are no days that I am feeling busy, I called it feeling because I don’t know if it meet the standards of the word busy. Lol! I almost forgot it is Orange Tuesday yesterday, I am one day late again. Anyway here’s my share, Catlaine bought this for me us when we visited National Museum Korea when we first meet alone, I mean just the two of us without the big bears. I could say it is the best tangerine chocolate I ever tasted, so yummy!


We went inside the souvenir shop, I bought a small notebook and she bought chocolates, four of this and she gave the two to me and the other two to her. Thanks again sis!

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