Juicer and A Sample of Carrot Juice

As we don’t have a gym schedule tonight my husband and I went out to pay the internet bill, to canvass the amount of fruits and vegetables between the three big supermarket around us and to pick the juicer that we ordered from Samsung appliance store. Well after canvassing and the jotting down the prices as we want to know which supermarket sells a nice deal of what we wanted. The end result we still picked Kim’s Club Mart.


Anyway when we reached home we excitedly try our new juicer by preparing a carrot juice, we used 1 1/2 carrot and a small piece of ginger and we got 250ml of juice.

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New Juicer

As what I have mentioned on my health blog we are going to try juice fasting for one month and to begin with that we need a juicer. So tonight we went to appliance store (Samsung) near us to see if the juicer we ordered last weekend already arrived and it does.

A juicer is a tool for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, or wheatgrass. This is known as juicing, the process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or vegetables.


The juicer mechanically separates juice from the solid part (pulp) of most fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs. The pulp is usually discarded, but can also be used in muffins and breads or composting.

So we tested our newly purchased juicer by juicing carrots and a small piece of ginger, we made 250ml of carrot juice. My photo above is less than the amount already because that’s my share of our sample.


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