Filipino Store in Icheon

My title is misleading but the store actually does not sell only Filipino Foods but also other Asian Food like those from Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesian, Cambodia and Vietnam. The store was just newly open this year, the other day I finally went inside to look around, see what Filipino foods they sell and buy a few.

World Food have plenty of Filipino foods and other Asian foods compare to Lotte World Mart at the back the Icheon Bus station, their store is spacious too compare to the first one. This store is beside the bus stop #8 going to Shinha-ri, it is also few meters away from the bus station (back) this is where normally the buses going to Seoul and other city passed by and across World Food is Vitamin House.

As there no bus yet I decided to finally went inside the store, there’s Korean man standing in front of the glass door,  I was in hesitation to come in because I thought  the entrance was in the next one (white decking) but it turns it was where he is standing, when I came in I am expecting that the owner is Thai or somehow not a Korean but it turns out the store is owned by a Korean Family, a friendly family. The mother and her daughter is busy preparing food for cooking when I came in I greeted them and I went directly to aisle where Filipino food was displayed and before carrying them with me in the counter I look for the expiration date first because the first and last time I bought noodles in Asian store they are two months before expiration and I just saw them at home.

I bought few items and I was amazed to see “tuyo” dried fish so I also bought them without thinking that my husband doesn’t like the smell of fish inside our apartment. When I pay in the counter I saw the pamphlets so I asked for one but the owner didn’t give me just pamphlet but a biscuits too, the Sunflower Cracker above was given to me by free.

[Address and Location of World Mart in Icheon]

I also asked permission to take photo from the outside so I can blog it, anyway the man outside who show me the way is probably her husband or part of the family.  The store owners are kind and entertaining, their supplies too are all new and fresh. I am going to buy supplies soon I return to downtown.

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Street View: Fall in Korea

We only visit the gym three times a week and every second and fourth day of the week we are walking around the town. It became our habit before our vacation in the Philippines.  Below is the photo I have taken the other day while we are doing our routine in the late afternoon, the trees are all in yellow colors.

Fall in Korea

The weather is already cold as expected so I am already wearing my winter jacket when we are walking, and of course I am not going to forgot to bring my camera.

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KFC in Icheon Soon

We stopped walking around downtown for one week and we started walking again we are both surprised to see the Chinese Restaurant gone and a KFC to be opened soon beside the Starbucks Coffee. Dunno where’s the Chinese restaurant went.

Icheon Gyeonggi-do KFC

Probably in one more week KFC will be opened for business already. I hope soon there’s Burger King or Vips soon in Icheon.

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Alumni Conference in Icheon Elementary School

I wake up today with loud music and an emcee speaking in the nearby elementary school. My husband told me that there’s something going on because he saw some tent from our window. After making my coffee I decided to check it out, I didn’t even finish drinking it I just had one sip, I changed my clothes and I went out.

When I arrived in the school entrance I saw a lot of cars and this banner but as I can’t read Hangul I can’t still figure out what was the occasion.

Icheon Elementary School

There’s really a lot of tent encircling the wide playground and they are full of people and food. Others are drinking soju (the popular liquor here), eating and talking to each other. There are few people in the play ground which looks like they are doing fun games, I saw some people with balloons. I didn’t take long because I am too shy to be noted and snapping around, I was not able to take good picture because there are cars and trucks blocking me from where I stand.

Icheon Elementary School

I walk around the school I mean the street around the school so people will not think I just went there to take pictures. Anyway when I arrived home I translated what is written in the banner and it says “The 5th Icheon Elementary School Alumni Conference” thanks to Korean Virtual keyboard and Google translate for making it possible.

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Snow Days Can be Dangerous

I am quite busy tweaking these past few days that I can’t visit my blogs and post an article, I am also procrastinated. I have nothing else to write maybe because I don’t usually share and talk what I am doing and etc., sort of private person huh? Lol!

It snowed a lot today it cause heavy traffic in the main street I remember a friend who wished to snow a lot I just chuckled remembering her childish wish. Heavy snow can cause a lot of problems and accidents in the street eh., Anyway I  decided to rest for a while and blog I am going to tweak again tomorrow.

I have cooked  a soup tonight and as usual my husband told me to separate soup for him all he wanted is the vegetable and he don’t like macaroni on it, too much carbohydrates as what he reasoned out.

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Snowy Friday and Buying Chocolates from Watsons

It snowed two times today I would like to go out this morning to take picture of me in the snow but cooking makes me busy. I just postponed it thinking I can have pictures later when we go to the gym, well the snow stop and before I know it our landlord started cleaning the frost in front of the apartment and in the garage. So when we went out to go to the gym the street is snow clean but the good thing is it is snowing again! Yipee, I asked my husband to take picture of me well he did but he said you can’t really see the snow, maybe because it is just starting.

Icheon, Gyeonggi-do

We first went to the bank and while waiting for him I went out and started taking snapshots around me and of course myself.

Truffles Chocolate

To make the story short it is our cheat day today, so we went to Watsons to buy some chocolates. Because he ate two of my chocolates last weekend he bought two for me and treat me another chocolate, I picked two truffles and a chocolate bar and then to the bakery to buy brown bread and have a stop in Family Mart to buy chicken and mayonnaise, all we got is the latter so went to the nearby Gs25 to buy chicken and he asked me if I want a meal as I am full from my dinner I opted on chocolate wafer. I didn’t eat my chocolates yet, thinking I can add this to my box (to send home).

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Internet Connection Failure in Korea

Around two o’clock this morning our internet connection disappeared and  never came back until four in the morning where we patiently waited. When we wake up this afternoon there’s still no internet connection so I have told my husband maybe its time to call his co-teacher, so we went out to call Jade and went to supermarket afterwards to buy rice.

We told Jade that we are going to call her again after thirty minutes after we’re done shopping, so we called her at the street pay phone and she said the technician will visit our apartment at two o’clock PM, we thought we still have a lot of time but it turns out we spend more than one hour looking for cheap price of rice, because it is already twenty minutes after two o’clock in the afternoon.


The technician came with a modem, I think he thought the problem is our modem but when he tested it, it works fine. So he talk to someone in the phone, it sounds like he is dialing a customer service because I can hear his call being transfer. Anyway after few minutes our internet is back, hopefully it won’t disappear again or else as what my husband says we are going to transfer another provider because this is not the first time it happens. Since last week our internet connection is on and off, and today is the second time Jade called a technician.

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A Normal Busy Evening

We went to the gym tonight but it is still closed so instead of going home again I  just told my husband to shop while we are out, so we did in Lotte Super.

When we reach home put the items in the fridge and cupboard then I cooked some chicken. I got burnt on my neck when the chicken pops out while I am mixing it.

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Life Change Gym is Temporarily Closed

Early this evening we went to gym for our work-out schedule, when we reached the second floor we smell a strong chemical and the two restaurants are closed. When we reached the third floor where the gym is located the door is open but it is very silent, when we came inside the gym is empty nobody is working out.

We found in the information that gym is closed because of the strong smell, the lady owner told us that there’s fire yesterday at one of the restaurant in the second floor, she apologized but we said no need because we understand. So no choice we left after asking  when will the gym will be open again, she said after two days.

We tried to peep inside the closed restaurant if how big is the damage but we can’t see it, we are in that situation when the guy owner of the gym found us, we greeted each other and asked if we are looking at the right restaurant.

Anyway I don’t know what to say but having fire in the building already crossed on my mind, it is not the first time that something crossed on my mind and it happens.

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Giant Christmas Tree in Icheon

Well Christmas day is already around the corner, it seems there’s more Christmas decoration this year  here in our place, I’ve seen a lot of of establishment with Christmas greetings, like the department store and few clothes store.

Giant Christmas Tree

This is the giant Christmas tree in Icheon I snap a photo while waiting for the green street light.

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