Cheating with Diet Plan and Buying Instant Meal

The other night my husband feel bored of eating the same food again and again from his diet plan so he asked me to buy him an instant meal and dumplings at the nearby convenience store but as usual I went out buying another food more than what is asked to me. I bought cheese dog because I have thought my husband will like it as a few weeks ago we are craving for cheese dogs, I also bought onion rings for myself while the soft drink in is a freebie from the meal.

GS25 Meal

My husband didn’t eat the cheese dog because he thought I bought it for myself, so I’ve eaten it the next day as well the onion rings.

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Premium Meal from GS25

Eating the same meal every day is becoming boring so I have asked my husband if we can get an instant soup, he agreed with a plus what I mean to get pizza and chips as well. While at the convenience store I forgot about pizza, I walk repeatedly in the aisle and stay longer in the built-in open fridge where the sandwiches and pizza are. I know it was not sandwiched, without getting a hint what is it I took one of the premium meals at the bottom of the fridge.

Premium Meal

The premium meal cost ₩4, 000 or $3.72, it was a bit more expensive than the usual meal of meat, rice and kimchi. The premium meal has rice, pasta, vegetables, steak, chicken, mashed potato, sausage, pickles and corn salad, it is a complete package actually.

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