Memorial Service: 40 Days After Death

Yesterday was my late grandfather’s birthday and my aunt 40 days after death, there was a simple service and small gathering at their house which is about 250 meters from us. My third elder aunt asked for solicitation I think the clan will cooked one food to bring. My sister and I attended the service since my father was at work and my mother decided to be the house person, the service didn’t start early since we’ve waited few more people, Pastor E’s wife lead the service since he wasn’t around, he was in another city attending an assembly.

The 40th days after the death of the person is celebrated because it is said that on that day the spirit of the deceased ascends to heaven.

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There are not many visitors, just family and distant relatives who are just in the neighborhood. I have helped washing the dishes while everybody is eating since I am one of the first people who finishes, we brought some leftover food for our parents too since there are plenty, our eldest aunt was the one minding the packed food for everyone who would like them. I have just finished washing the last batch of dishes when our cousin’s daughter told us that are mother was already calling us home, so we thankfully bid good bye to our relatives. Indeed our mother was already waiting in the field, we know our mother so my sister and I just sigh because we are treated like little kids again.

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