A Blessed Sunday: Service that Pleasing the Lord

Hospital was our second home for a few days already, my father and I go home in the morning to collect water, do the laundry, cooked food and do other household chores and then we returned during lunch and went home again in the afternoon and went back to the hospital at late afternoon. It was been our routine for several days, it was hard to sleep during the night because we have to monitor my mother’s urine every hour, by draining her catheter and measuring it. I sleep a bit at night and do the task during early morning but I can’t sleep well at all because I was worrying with my mother’s condition.

Anyway, I am not planning to attend church service today but my sister texted that if I want to go to church I just have to make sure that everything is right at home, so I immediately searched for my jeans and went to church with a cloudy mind, lack of sleep and non-stop worrying.

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This Sunday is my father’s birthday and it was exchanged pulpit Sunday which mean different Pastor will do the preaching, the preacher was a woman pastor (Pastor E.F) from sister church, her topic for the day was about “Service That Pleasing the Lord” based on scripture reading Matthew 25: 14-31.

What kind of service pleasing the Lord? According to Pastor E.F, productive service pleases the Lord, a service that is effective and fruitful, God gave us talents and ability for us  to flourish, He expected us to level up. Secondly, passionate service pleases the Lord, it is a service that is burning, committed, eager, excited, enthusiastic, hot and emotional in short it is a service that is from the heart. We should work with love to the Lord, our motivation should be love to glorify God. Thirdly, a faithful service pleases the Lord, it should be close, consistent, devoted, loyal and trustworthy. A faithful servant never retired, he served faithfully as long as he is alive. According to Pastor E.F a good servant acknowledge God as the owner and him as a steward and faithfulness is keeping promises.

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A Blessed Sunday: A Home That’s Blessed

On Friday the church held a family camp at Acacia Village and it was attended by  some church members, I think only few had attended since it rained earlier before the agreed meet up time. This Sunday Pastor E focused about the home and the family, he said that God began human existence with a marriage and a family. The first community that God established was a family and a home. The scriptural reading was found at Joshua 24: 11-15 and 2 Samuel 6: 9-11.

According to the Pastor E’s before the Israelites have a formal place of worship, the place of worship was the home, and all worship was directed and lead by the head of the home, the husband and father – Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Today, we have replaced the home with the church. For many Christians and their families all spirituality is exercised IN church, all prayer is IN church, all teaching is IN church – and not in the home.  We depend everything in the church and we forgot the spiritual practice at home.

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Pastor E gave three ways on how do we experience the genuine divine blessing in our home and these are:

  1. Choose to make your Home His Home –  Joshua 24:11-15, We have to choose to live according to God’s design for us in our homes & families.
  2. Welcome His presence to your home – 2 Samuel 6:9-11, Pastor E says that every family has a box in their home, that box has the power to shape values of young children and that box was called television unlike the box at the center of Obed-Edom’s house, which contains Aaaron cane, Moses tablets and a jar, this box brought blessings.
  3. Build an ark of salvation in your home – Hebrews 11:7, Pastor E talks about Noah and his family.

To begin and initiate God’s into  our home, Pastor E shared 5 E’s –

  • EXALT God in your home
  • EXAMPLE Christlikeness in your home
  • ENCOURAGE Faithfulness in your home
  • EDUCATE Your children in God’s ways in your home
  • ESTABLISH Godly values in your home

When God’s presence is welcomed and encouraged a home is truly blessed!

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Memorial Service: 40 Days After Death

Yesterday was my late grandfather’s birthday and my aunt 40 days after death, there was a simple service and small gathering at their house which is about 250 meters from us. My third elder aunt asked for solicitation I think the clan will cooked one food to bring. My sister and I attended the service since my father was at work and my mother decided to be the house person, the service didn’t start early since we’ve waited few more people, Pastor E’s wife lead the service since he wasn’t around, he was in another city attending an assembly.

The 40th days after the death of the person is celebrated because it is said that on that day the spirit of the deceased ascends to heaven.

Orange Flower With Butterfly

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There are not many visitors, just family and distant relatives who are just in the neighborhood. I have helped washing the dishes while everybody is eating since I am one of the first people who finishes, we brought some leftover food for our parents too since there are plenty, our eldest aunt was the one minding the packed food for everyone who would like them. I have just finished washing the last batch of dishes when our cousin’s daughter told us that are mother was already calling us home, so we thankfully bid good bye to our relatives. Indeed our mother was already waiting in the field, we know our mother so my sister and I just sigh because we are treated like little kids again.

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