Back in Korea After Trekking in Mongolia

We arrived yesterday and a rainy day welcomed us when our plane landed on the run way.  After three hour bus ride we finally reached home, the first thing I did was to work with water filter to make sure we have water to drink then cooked rice, do the laundry and cooked the chicken.

I am little worried last night because Pookie bear is not feeling well, he throw  up early this morning dunno I guess his stomach gets upset upon eating three quarter pound burger from McDonalds, and ice cream as well, despite of feeling sick he needs to go to school to teach, he won’t like eating anything even I told him to drink hot water or coffee as we are out of milk and didn’t shop yet since we arrived. I wonder why didn’t I take those online nursing classes or get that online nutrition degree  so he would believed me,   he always thought that my findings and inputs when he feels sick are ridiculous.

Well he ate a little a while ago he said his stomach don’t upset him anymore but he feels very tired and feel some body pain which I felt too, maybe carrying a big heavy back pack for me. What I noticed is I can’t eat the same food I ate anymore before we left dunno if I am just use having fresh salad on my plate or my stomach feels so tired eating meat. I also wake up early in the morning today which disturbs me because I don’t usually do it, anyway Pookie bear says he won’t eat McDonald’s again because it makes him sick, like what I experienced when I ate burger. I’ve missed a lot of things online, my inbox is full of spams especially my blogs. So it would take time before I segregate valid emails from friends as too busy to do marathon reading on what is happening, news reading.

Somehow a thread caught my attention about DTI permits for bloggers I am so confused about it as I am just away for more than one week and there’s already thing like that,  as I believed you don’t need DTI permits if you are just giving away small stuff without sponsors, does the raffle during Christmas party has DTI permit too? I mean small giveaway among group of people not those raffle contest that you need to purchase tickets to be enable to win.

Anyway didn’t read the DTI rules so I am out of it (lol) plus  I am not in the Philippines and  I seldom or I hosted only one giveaway, so I guess I’ll just wait and see on what will happened, if it is really needed or not by small time syndicate errr bloggers.

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