A Blessed Sunday: How Amazing God’s Words

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month, and it is National Bible Sunday. The church has foreign visitors too, an older couple. The older woman is well-known missionary who is translating the bible in one of the local dialect of our Province and as what I have heard when she’s introduced by our Pastor that she first arrived in the island in 1980’s and was still single that time so no wonder she spoke the local dialect fluently.

The theme of Philippine Bible Society for National Bible Week celebration is “God’s Word: Hope for the Family and Strength of the Nation” so the scriptural topic is about how amazing God’s Words, it was said God’s word is more precious than gold so it must be desired.

[Image source: www.bible.org.ph]

According to Psalms 19: 7-14, the word of the Lord revived us, it enlighten our eyes and lead us to God’s forgiveness. We became energetic and lively through reading the bible and when we read it helps us enlighten our path and see our lives clearly, the bible help us to see and clear us from our hidden faults, it brought us to light from the dark. Pastor E says each time you read the bible you are revived, enlighten, and forgive. All in all you will be bless and in return you will be blessings to others.

When the church service ended the visitors has some goods to sell like bookmarks, key chains and wall decors which are laminated I think the proceeds will go to the  funds needed for translation of the bible to local dialect.

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