A Blessed Sunday: Empowering Right Principles for the New Year

It has been said that New Year is a chance to start anew, it was a time to create new principles that will become the energies and attitudes of mind that will help us succeed regardless of the difficulties and challenges that we face along the way.

Yesterday is the second Sunday of the month and the scriptural topic is about creating principles for the new year, the scripture reading can be found in Genesis 22: 1-10, if I was not mistaken it was also the basis of the previous preaching of Pastor R during an exchange pulpit Sunday. Our pastor (E) says our decision making on important choices was always based on our emotions and feelings, we satisfy our emotions, we don’t choose thing that will make us unhappy.

Proverbs 3: 5

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These past few days discouragement controlled me, it was those time I felt it is already the end and there isn’t anymore life waiting for me, to have peace and to overcome this unwanted feeling even for a moment  I uttered silent prayer and when our Pastor started preaching I felt like God comforted me and He send the answers right away, He told me to trust, be obedient and have faith in Him that someday things will fall into their right places.

What if God asks for something very important to you?

There are three principles for the new year, the first one is the principle of trust which can be found in verse 1-2 of Genesis chapter 22 when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac on a mountain in the region of Moriah and without hesitation Abraham comply.

Pastor E then asked several questions to everyone like if we do believed that God can control our life for a better future, then he encourage everyone to raised the level of trust to God this New Year and see how good the Lord when we trust Him and let Him hold our life.

Samuel 15: 22

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The second principle for a better new year is the principle of obedience which can be found in verse 3-6 of Genesis 22 when Abraham obeyed God and set for a journey with Isaac to the region of Moriah.  It has been said that trusting God is only part of the equation, we should obey Him as well.  We should take note too that delayed obedience is consider disobedience, without action our word will mean very little and faith without work is dead. Pastor E then encourage everyone to follow what God ask us to do, to set aside our emotions and selfishness so we can see how God moves in our lives.

Philippians 2: 8

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The third and last principle is the principle of faith which is in Genesis 22: 7-10 when Isaac asked his father Abraham where is the lamb for the burnt offering, Abraham replies that God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering.  Pastor E told everyone that God is good in keeping promises, He will provide and showered His greatest blessings to you just have faith in Him.

Pastor E ended his preaching by challenging everyone to trust on God’s wisdom, follow His direction, have faith to believe and things will find their right place in our lives.

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