Father’s Day and Birthday Dinner at Orient’s Cuisine

Growing up we doesn’t really celebrate birthdays and holidays because it was a luxury we can’t afford. Well, to celebrate my father and sister’s birthday we decided to have a dinner at Orient’s Cuisine, it was perfect because it was also Father’s Day so it was triple celebration in one shot.

The restaurant wasn’t that spacious, when we arrived the only vacant table was the table in the corner facing the wall,  we are told they have also table upstairs, we choose to eat downstairs after one larger table was vacated by the other diners who already finishes their meal.

The owner was very friendly and accommodating, when the food we would like to order isn’t available she will suggest food that she thinks we are going to love and enjoy. While waiting for our order, we did numerous selfies to entertain ourselves. My father was given a pen with father’s day card/note as well as a complimentary mango pudding that were just eaten by us, instead of him.

We ordered their chow fan meals, pork tonkatsu for us and breaded fish for my mother, I have also ordered their birthday noodles which is just perfect for the occasion we are celebrating, a bowl of soup, two sets of pork siomai, buttered chicken and a shake which I have only remember to take a photo when it is already half-empty. Their chow fan meals has unlimited chow fan rice in celebration of father’s day.

Our orders were served after 40 minutes, we are informed instantly how long our food to be cooked unlike in few restaurant we have eaten at already, they will let us wait until our eyeballs turned white in hunger (lol).

The food at Orient’s Cuisine is undoubtedly fresh, tasty at a cheaper price, we have ordered and eaten a lot but we only have to pay less amount that we are able to order fish cracker as take-out and bring home the food that we couldn’t finished since our tummy were full already.

If you are looking for an Asian Fusion Restaurant, Orient’s Cuisine is what you need. You don’t need to burn your pockets just to eat Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese and Vietnamese style dishes.  The restaurant was just beside Never Naked Laundry Shop across the old internet shop “Blue Dimension”.

Orient’s Cuisine
Brgy. Liwanag, Odiongan, Romblon
Phone: 0915 225 6877

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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