Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Yesterday I have been hooked up to blogging and  clicking my paid to click sites after going to Watsons so I forgot to eat my breakfast and lunch. Using the left over tomato in the fridge I fried it with scrambled eggs as I have done cooking I set it aside in our bed as if presenting it to Pookie bear “What is that crap?” he said upon seeing it. I told him it is eggs and tomatoes, he never gives attention to me as I am eating.

After eating my late brunch and early dinner, I continue with my online task and left my left over eggs and tomatoes on top of the microwave oven. When it’s time to eat his meal he tasted the crap, and he likes it so much that he requested me to cook for him on his next meal. That’s why I went out last night to buy tomatoes and soy milk and then headed to Watsons again.

So last night I cooked twice of eggs and tomatoes for him since he wanted more, thrice if mine is included. Pookie bear told me from now on if he said he want special egg for his meal  that’s it, tomatoes and eggs. How ironic, that the food he called crap, he is it calling now special, Lol, it is special for him, he doesn’t know “halos mapurga na ako sa kakain niyan sa Pinas” aside from Sardines with “Miswa” or Upo that’s one of our main dish especially in the morning.

Anyway, my ingredients:

eggs, tomatoes, salt, oil, garlic and onions


  1. Scramble the eggs
  2. Saute the garlic and onion until brown
  3. Add the tomatoes and cooked until it tender
  4. Add the scrambled eggs and mixed it in the pan

Oh wait, I added mono-sodium in my recipe, guess what happened. Pookie bear’s had a headache last night and his sinusitis bothers him. He is allergic to mono-sodium, so no more vetsin next time.

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