The Blocked: The New Burger Restaurant in Odiongan

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It’s Father’s Day. Sunday afternoon and there was nothing else to do after going to church in the morning, we did a short road trip to the municipality of Ferrol, but actually we didn’t continue to the town proper, we did a U-turn and went back to Odiongan where we ate at the newly opened burger place, The Blocked.

The enthusiastic server gladly welcomed us at the restaurant, she handed us their menu after we are seated. As I look around,  the burger place has a western touch, just like the restaurant bars in Itaewon, there are different set of options in the menu for over ₱100, it was hard for us to choose which set to eat, the potato wedges weren’t available, so I have asked the server, which one is the best, she gladly explained every option and suggests the options that she’ll think we’d like and even suggested if we would like a serving of garlic chicken.

We ordered one fresh strawberry milkshake for my mother, two options of Prep, one Nerd and a serving of garlic chicken, each meal option has a free glass of blue lemonade.  While waiting for our order, I have asked my sister to go home and bring our father to the burger restaurant, but she said, he already had a glass of liquor and he can’t drive (but when we arrived home, he is totally fine, and even sulk why we didn’t bring him to the burger restaurant, lol).

Our order was served in twenty minutes, my mother and sister enjoyed their meal because they said it tasted good, but I wasn’t because I am still full from our snack and I didn’t like the burger, it has the taste of mustard sauce in it, the smell brought me back to South Korea and the mustard sauce I can’t even finish at home.

Well, I have not told anyone yet in this blog, but I am already tired of mustard sauce, eating beef burger with mustard sauce, the taste of it is making me puke already, when we are traveling if we are not eating a beef burger, we are eating sandwiches. I just ate my fries and chicken and wrap the burger to bring it home to my father as well as the garlic chicken I have ordered, my mother and sister was already full with their meal so they can’t help me eat the garlic chicken. The chicken was  a bit oily, so I have used the paper towel at the table which I think has extra pay because there was an additional fee in our bill (or is it for a takeout additional fee?), well some restaurant in other countries I have been  to, add additional charges if you used wet tissues.

You know what’s funny when I stand up from my chair and did a second look at my payment that’s where I realized I forgot to put another bill,  I put 10% extra, but then the money I left wasn’t enough (haha), so I immediately grab for my wallet. Jezz, I am trying to do something good, but it looks like I will end up being embarrassed if I didn’t glance back at the table, the server called my attention that I still have a change but I just nod and left.  My mother and sister laugh at me, retelling how once upon a time I left more than 20% tip when I said it was just 10% (I am floating at times).

The Blocked, is a newly opened burger restaurant in Odiongan. Their place was an old warehouse for copra (dried coconut kernels), and after a few renovations and enhancements, The Blocked arises. If you are looking for something new and tired of eating the usual burger you buy from the streets and students canteens, pay them a visit and try them. Their food is fine, the chicken wings were just  a bit too tiny for me (hahaha). Well, you get what you pay for!

The Blocked 
Barangay Poctoy, Odiongan, Romblon
OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-SUNDAY (Except WEDNESDAY) 3:30pm – 10:00pm (kitchen closes at 9:30pm)
CONTACT: 0918 668 8072

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.


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