Two Funerals in One Day

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At three o’clock yesterday, we went to the funeral of an Uncle (1st cousin 1x removed) which is at a neighboring barangay. We heard about his death from our grand aunts when we attend a dedication and birthday party of the daughter of our second cousin. It was said that he was found unconscious in the street; they were able to rush him in the hospital where he got on coma and died from stroke or heart failure.

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We went to his funeral with a few relatives, we stayed a little longer, had coffee and snacks while the older family members are having conversation about any topic that comes along. As usual, they asked where my husband is, I was asked by our grand aunts a few nights ago too, which I both simply replied that he is working in China. We asked permission to leave first since we are heading to town, to get some items to sell at home but everyone decided to leave as well since there is still one funeral to go at 6 o’clock in the evening.

It took us long time in town, and it was almost six o’clock in the evening when we came home. My sister rushed to the printer because she still need to finish printing the programs that will be used at the funeral service of a distant relative in town, our Pastor left it when we are about to leave the house because PBC will facilitate the service. A lot of church members went to town to attend the funeral service as well. We didn’t take long after the funeral service was done we also left for home, it is getting late and colder outside.

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