Unexpected Visitor

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I felt stress on my neck the other night after having unexpected visitor.  My husband and I was sort of busy in front of our laptops when we heard a car with engine on in front of the apartment followed by someone trying to unlock the glass door beside our apartment door and then rang our doorbell. We didn’t mind it because we are already used that our doorbell was always mistaken as doorbell for the main door (for the apartment upstairs).  It was repeated many times followed by knocking on our door and unlocking our door lock too, but as the code was wrong our door remains closed.

My husband asked me to check it, the moment I opened our door I greet the person behind it but I was shock when she stormed inside our apartment, took his shoes off and made her way to our glass sliding door despite of me blocking on her way. I was surprised on her presence so I have asked the unexpected visitor who she was, she replied “(Her name) from Korea”.

Anyway she quickly went inside as if it was her own apartment I help her slide the door so my husband can see her because he is asking who it was, well I thought too it was my husband’s co-teacher and she has an urgent matter or information for my husband. Upon seeing my husband she quickly turn around like how quick she went inside our apartment,  she stumble to the shoes in our door. The funny thing is when she went out she is wearing my husband’s pair of sneaker so I handed her ugg boots to her, she says sorry and I just nod. I closed the door afterwards and I have heard she went to the other door beside ours, so I opened our door a little to see what she is doing.  She knocked to the next door and trying to unlock the door. I thought she was just lost because it happens many times already so I closed our door.

When nobody opens the door for her she went back to the main door, unlocking and banging it. Still no sign that someone will open it for her she went back to our door, rang our doorbell and unlocking our door and then we heard her running quickly out of the apartment building and we heard knocking to other apartment building.My husband says the teenage girl seems to have down syndrome and probably she escaped from their home and now can’t find where it was. I think she already find their home after leaving our apartment building because I didn’t hear banging noise anymore. Though after she left that’s where I felt nervous and stress on my neck. Thinking what if someone with a knife or gun is behind our door when I opened it? So I have told myself I am not going to open the door anymore unless I waiting for my order online.

The next morning someone knock on our door and rang our doorbell and I didn’t open it nor my husband opened it. Then we heard a woman talking on the phone I am not sure if it was the landlady because she sounds like her, probably they saw what happened last night in the CCTV and just want to check or say something.

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