Wearing my Husband Shoes Outside

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While cooking my husband’s meal for the night I’ve remember that I didn’t throw the garbage in the pink pail yet. These are the garbage that rot like fruit and vegetables skin and peeling.  So I immediately grab the pink pail when I am done cooking, it was already full and I can’t add the egg shells anymore as I am a bit lazy to wear my own shoes I just told my husband in a loud voice that I am going to wear his shoes, I didn’t wait for his reply anymore I hurriedly went out from our door.

When I am already outside I heard him saying not to wear his shoes but I didn’t return anymore. When I wore his shoes I didn’t tie the lace so I stop for a second and keep the lace inside the shoes, thinking my husband might be angry if I let the lace  touch the ground. When I returned home my husband is standing and waiting for me on his angry look, he then told me not to do it again. I just laugh because he probably thought when I left I wore his school shoes but I wore his sneakers. LOL

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