Wild Dreams and Illusion

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There is no particular photo that reminds me, seeing this photo I remind my childhood dream to be a ramp model and somehow beauty queen.  God gave me long legs but not a very good height, well yeah I am taller to my cousins but it is not a ramp model height. What I wish is to inherit my Aunt’s height (mother side) because they are so tall at 5’7. Sometimes I wonder  if my childhood accident prevent me from being taller or makes me being tall at this height, lol.

 On my 4th year college I am in the top of being me, I am very confident. One day our institute/department is looking for a student to compete in the upcoming pageant in our school. Well yeah few of my schoolmates/classmates encouraged/asked me to join or if I want to join and then I told  our director I am going to join he didn’t believe me because he knew I am joker.

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Well maybe he believes me but seeing my face, my thin posture and knowing my ability he know I am going to put myself in shame. Hahaha! Well I don’t think even our director allowed me to join, I am going to join. I am not that confident with my assets (as if I have), I have no talent in singing or in dancing so thinking myself dancing for the opening number makes me to be embarrassed because the whole school will be watching me. So merely it is just a good time and my wishful thinking. I also did not join pageants in our Barangay because mostly it is money contest,  just this past few years that they hosted beauty pageant which is I am already old and some of the contestants are teens. Anyway if ever I will tell someone what is my dream and what do I like, probably they will just laugh on me. So my dream will will remain a wild dream.

When I told Pookie bear that if we got a daughter in the future I am going to join her to beauty pageants, you know maybe I am going to make my dream materialized to her, he disagree a lot. He said he had watched a lot of documentaries how beauty queen’s are forced by parents to join a prestigious pageant and how their life ruined by pageants.  So it is a BIG NO to pageants!

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5 Responses to “Wild Dreams and Illusion”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Hahaha beauty pageant pala ang palano sa daughter.. It's true though, dapat gusto nga bata but most pof time kasi parents ang may gusto hehehe..

  2. Chie Wilks says:

    you should have join sis..who knows? you could have won the crown sa school pageant nyo

  3. anne says:

    Hehehe buti ka pa nag qualify ay ako wala lol joke…. Nice pose girl

  4. RyHeAnNe says:

    @Ate Rose tama ka mostly parents talaga ang may gusto.

    @Chie Wilks hay sis sa talent pa lang bagsak na, haha

    @Ate Anne, ngek..wala ako jan Ate Anne, picture lang yan kuha ng magkaroon ng pageant sa amin,. Wild dreams nga lang hahaha

  5. Hazelicious929 says:

    We all dream of becoming someone someday. I wish I have a height, unfortunately, I'm only 5'2" or less than that, I am not sure, and I wasn't given a nice long legs where until now, it haunts me to wear anything sexy but I still try though.

    Sometimes, we passed our dreams to our kids or to someone we adore. Unfortunately again, I don't have kids.

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