Being a Cat Person is Partly Inherited: Cats and More Cats in my Aunt’s House

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A day before our  scheduled trip back home, we are fetched by an uncle to visit an aunt’s house in a subdivision.  He initially told us that he well fetches us at eight o’clock in the morning, but it was almost lunch time when he came, it turns out he was too drunk to wake up early.

When we arrived at my aunt’s house, lunch was already waiting for us. My mother who is already so hungry dig in immediately (lol), I took my time taking pictures than eating lunch, hence I am a bit full and I really don’t have a strong appetite to eat the past few days.

Well, after lunch we scan a bit inside my aunt’s house and see her precious Persians cats who are so untamed so I am only able to take photo of one of them.  My aunt has so many cats,  both with the breed and not. It turns out, we are both “kitten picker” I mean we are both animal lovers and we both picked abandon kitten from the street. She has more than 10 cats to date, all neutered. My father even blurted out, now he knew where I got the attitude of being a kitten lover.  I showed her the pictures of my cats and my aunt almost buy me a Persian cat from her friend, but unfortunately her friend wasn’t around when we went to their house, they are currently in Manila for a visit.

Since, we’ve been talking about visiting the infamous monastery in Tarlac, we decided to head up there after my younger uncle came, he is just a year older to me and I remember being scolded by him when we are still kids, when I didn’t wait for him after school and I went home with the neighboring kids, it turns out he look hard for me that time.

It was a good thing too, my aunt German husband woke up, so she is able to ask permission that we are going to the monastery for a short period of time. As a PH custom, I have to do “mano po” gesture to my foreigner uncle whom I just met. My aunt introduces me and says my husband was an “Australian” which I corrected three times since she mentioned it three times as well, dunno what they were talking because I can’t understand German language at all.

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