Finding What is Lost and Returning Them to Its Rightful Place

What would you do if you find something that is lost? That something is what you really like and you already formed a bond with it, then suddenly the rightful owner comes along. Are you going to keep it or are you going to let go of it?

Keeping it might not be a bad idea, because you didn’t steal it. It isn’t your fault that the rightful owner isn’t mindful of his pets, things and possessions, the owner probably just realized the importance of the object/animals when it is gone, but you as a person who also lost things/pets without finding them back, you know and understand the feeling of emptiness, so you will return that thing you found, no matter how you liked it, because you know in yourself, you will not be happy owning it when you know that someone is crying over it and who know maybe that thing you found, wanted to be reunited with its rightful owner as well, you may never know because animals/things can’t speak, isn’t it? All you need is closure and peace of mind that you didn’t aggravate/hurt someone.

Anyway, on New Years eve one of my cats came home tagging along two cute kittens with her. My older cousin ‘s daughter able to grab the smallest kitten and was handed to me, while the second one is scared and can’t be caught. The kitten is starving so I feed her and when I woke up in the morning to check the kitten, in my surprised I found the second kitten sleeping with the first one, I fed them both with milk and food and bathed them both because they are dirty and full of lice.

It has been almost four days since the kittens were in my care, but I never heard anyone searching for them. I guess I can keep and love them, but honestly I am scared thinking that someone will take them from me anytime, but I know if someone look for them and wanted them back, I have to let go of these two cute kitties to their rightful owner.

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Being a Cat Person is Partly Inherited: Cats and More Cats in my Aunt’s House

A day before our  scheduled trip back home, we are fetched by an uncle to visit an aunt’s house in a subdivision.  He initially told us that he well fetches us at eight o’clock in the morning, but it was almost lunch time when he came, it turns out he was too drunk to wake up early.

When we arrived at my aunt’s house, lunch was already waiting for us. My mother who is already so hungry dig in immediately (lol), I took my time taking pictures than eating lunch, hence I am a bit full and I really don’t have a strong appetite to eat the past few days.

Well, after lunch we scan a bit inside my aunt’s house and see her precious Persians cats who are so untamed so I am only able to take photo of one of them.  My aunt has so many cats,  both with the breed and not. It turns out, we are both “kitten picker” I mean we are both animal lovers and we both picked abandon kitten from the street. She has more than 10 cats to date, all neutered. My father even blurted out, now he knew where I got the attitude of being a kitten lover.  I showed her the pictures of my cats and my aunt almost buy me a Persian cat from her friend, but unfortunately her friend wasn’t around when we went to their house, they are currently in Manila for a visit.

Since, we’ve been talking about visiting the infamous monastery in Tarlac, we decided to head up there after my younger uncle came, he is just a year older to me and I remember being scolded by him when we are still kids, when I didn’t wait for him after school and I went home with the neighboring kids, it turns out he look hard for me that time.

It was a good thing too, my aunt German husband woke up, so she is able to ask permission that we are going to the monastery for a short period of time. As a PH custom, I have to do “mano po” gesture to my foreigner uncle whom I just met. My aunt introduces me and says my husband was an “Australian” which I corrected three times since she mentioned it three times as well, dunno what they were talking because I can’t understand German language at all.

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Saving and Adopting Four White Kittens from Being Abandon

A few months ago when my younger sister went to see one of the management for the volleyball tournament in our barangay which is a distant relative to confirm when will be their next game and when she went home she has three white kittens in a plastic basket.

It turns while she was asking confirming for the game schedule she saw the kittens playing and blurted out that they are cute and that’s where she was told if she want them because they will throw them in a few days and since we are looking for a white kitten to the extinct that we run after the homeless white cats in the public market my sister took them home without hesitation.

When my mother saw the kitties as usual she complained for having too many cats already at home, we already have ten cats and now there is another three but when I bathed them she was the first one who babies them.   My sister says that they are all four white kitties but the fourth one hid under the chairs and they can’t catch it so she was told to take it next time.

After a few days my sister return to their house to get the fourth kitten, contrary what she had told us that the last kitty was small and isn’t cute at all. The fourth kitty is a biggest, the chubbiest one and the cutest of them all because of his blue eyes and I named him Rueh.

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Adopting Three New Cute Kittens

Here are the new kittens we adopted from the street, we are going home from town when we passed by these cute kitten in the garbage pit. My sister initially saw them while driving; we stopped about a few meters away to check but then the kittens started running towards us so I have no choice but to went down and picked them. The kittens want us to take them, they picked us as their new owner.

Three Cute Kittens

Bringing them home, made our older cats aggravated they don’t want the kittens  to be near them but after a few days they were already used with the kittens being around and they don’t mind their presence anymore. The kittens are very playful and they run  hyper-actively. The white and smallest kitten of the three has a birth defect, her one foot in the front is twisted just like Monina‘s foot but it wasn’t a problem because she is the most playful, she run and jump like a normal kitten.

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