Eating Rice and Gim

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There are times I don’t feel like cooking that’s why I love having an instant food at home where I can just heat it in the microwave oven and ready to eat. Unfortunately I don’t like most of the instant food here not just because they are hot and spicy but because I am not used too.

One night I have been hooked up on my online activities when I felt my stomach needs for food, I don’t wanna cook because I will spend a lot of time so I just eat rice and gim. I love eating gim not like before that I almost vomit with the smell. Gim (kim) is a Korean-style edible seaweed in the genus Porphyra, similar to the Welsh-style laver and Japanese-style nori.

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One Response to “Eating Rice and Gim”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    never ko pa ito try .. but looks yummy naman

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