Filipino Store in Icheon

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My title is misleading but the store actually does not sell only Filipino Foods but also other Asian Food like those from Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesian, Cambodia and Vietnam. The store was just newly open this year, the other day I finally went inside to look around, see what Filipino foods they sell and buy a few.

World Food have plenty of Filipino foods and other Asian foods compare to Lotte World Mart at the back the Icheon Bus station, their store is spacious too compare to the first one. This store is beside the bus stop #8 going to Shinha-ri, it is also few meters away from the bus station (back) this is where normally the buses going to Seoul and other city passed by and across World Food is Vitamin House.

As there no bus yet I decided to finally went inside the store, there’s Korean man standing in front of the glass door,  I was in hesitation to come in because I thought  the entrance was in the next one (white decking) but it turns it was where he is standing, when I came in I am expecting that the owner is Thai or somehow not a Korean but it turns out the store is owned by a Korean Family, a friendly family. The mother and her daughter is busy preparing food for cooking when I came in I greeted them and I went directly to aisle where Filipino food was displayed and before carrying them with me in the counter I look for the expiration date first because the first and last time I bought noodles in Asian store they are two months before expiration and I just saw them at home.

I bought few items and I was amazed to see “tuyo” dried fish so I also bought them without thinking that my husband doesn’t like the smell of fish inside our apartment. When I pay in the counter I saw the pamphlets so I asked for one but the owner didn’t give me just pamphlet but a biscuits too, the Sunflower Cracker above was given to me by free.

[Address and Location of World Mart in Icheon]

I also asked permission to take photo from the outside so I can blog it, anyway the man outside who show me the way is probably her husband or part of the family.  The store owners are kind and entertaining, their supplies too are all new and fresh. I am going to buy supplies soon I return to downtown.

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2 Responses to “Filipino Store in Icheon”

  1. there is also a korean store here in Davao and I;m thinking it’s exactly I guess same feeling as the pinoys getting inside that store and the koreans getting inside that Arirang store here in Davao… hehehe… coool, dropping by ryanne!

  2. The sunflower cracker reminds me of my college days hehehe.

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