Internet Connection Failure in Korea

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Around two o’clock this morning our internet connection disappeared and  never came back until four in the morning where we patiently waited. When we wake up this afternoon there’s still no internet connection so I have told my husband maybe its time to call his co-teacher, so we went out to call Jade and went to supermarket afterwards to buy rice.

We told Jade that we are going to call her again after thirty minutes after we’re done shopping, so we called her at the street pay phone and she said the technician will visit our apartment at two o’clock PM, we thought we still have a lot of time but it turns out we spend more than one hour looking for cheap price of rice, because it is already twenty minutes after two o’clock in the afternoon.


The technician came with a modem, I think he thought the problem is our modem but when he tested it, it works fine. So he talk to someone in the phone, it sounds like he is dialing a customer service because I can hear his call being transfer. Anyway after few minutes our internet is back, hopefully it won’t disappear again or else as what my husband says we are going to transfer another provider because this is not the first time it happens. Since last week our internet connection is on and off, and today is the second time Jade called a technician.

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  1. lanie says:

    thanks that your internet connection is back, sometimes my internet connection here is disappeared too and no connection but after a minute its comeback.
    i will follow your site hope you could visit me here and follow me too Wifey Online Diary thanks 🙂 and hope you could support me i am a new blogger.

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