Rainy Day Perfect for BHC Chicken

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The weather yesterday was not good, it was dark and there’s light rain. We’ve decided to have chicken from BHC, dunno what happen because the last time we had 2 box of fried chicken my husband says he is tired of BHC chicken. Anyway I went down without umbrella thinking the rain already stops but sad to say it didn’t so I went back to the elevator and while waiting four high school students rushed beside me, I think they saw me when I went out and extend my arm checking if the rain is strong enough for me to get soak if I went out without umbrella. I said hi to the girls and explain them I need umbrella probably it was their first time to see an alien like me. Lol.

BHC Chicken

After getting umbrella I went down again and the students were not there anymore probably they already went home. At BHC chicken I ordered their new chicken dish 우쌀힝 – Chicken Rice instead of the Gold Chicken.

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