A Box of BHC Chicken and Free Beach Mat

The other night we decided to have BHC Chicken, it was been a month already since the last time we had this chicken as we are eating 59 pizza for the last two weeks while we are on vacation for the first two weeks. The shop owner already know me so she directly went to the kitchen to cook the chicken while I wait in the table.

BHC Chicken

When I pay they gave me a beach mat, at first I thought it is a bag where I could use while shopping groceries but when I opened it at home it was a mat to be use at the beach this summer.

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Rainy Day Perfect for BHC Chicken

The weather yesterday was not good, it was dark and there’s light rain. We’ve decided to have chicken from BHC, dunno what happen because the last time we had 2 box of fried chicken my husband says he is tired of BHC chicken. Anyway I went down without umbrella thinking the rain already stops but sad to say it didn’t so I went back to the elevator and while waiting four high school students rushed beside me, I think they saw me when I went out and extend my arm checking if the rain is strong enough for me to get soak if I went out without umbrella. I said hi to the girls and explain them I need umbrella probably it was their first time to see an alien like me. Lol.

BHC Chicken

After getting umbrella I went down again and the students were not there anymore probably they already went home. At BHC chicken I ordered their new chicken dish 우쌀힝 – Chicken Rice instead of the Gold Chicken.

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Hwatong Chicken and Baguette

We had a little feast last night my husband was craving for chicken so he asked me to buy fried chicken for us, I don’t want to follow at first because we are on a diet but with my husband bothering me and me craving for food I went out, instead of going to Popeyes I went to the new chicken restaurant we saw in the tarpaulin outside Lotte Super and order for take out.

Hwatong Chicken

When I went home my husband asked me where’s the baguette he asked me to buy, honestly I forgot it so I have to return outside. I went to Paris Baguette to buy the bread and other baked goods. Oh well, when we are full “The  diet starts tomorrow” so today is the new start of our juice fasting after cheating for one week eating gimbap, soup and even ice cream. Lol!

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Home-cooking and Blogging Life

I am quite busy lately and as usual both online and offline. Offline I need to cook a lot for my husband’s meal, it is every three hours. I just cooked three or four times a day because few of his meals are just whey and small portion of rice. Despite of this I still feel very busy that I felt procrastinated to post something on my blogs. Dunno if this procrastination is brought by too much work just to published a post. Imagine in WordPress I need to upload it in other site and etc. unlike in blogger all I need is to directly upload the photo in my post.

Spicy Chicken

Anyway I wake late today and still sleepy. I was not able to finish adgitizing because I have no more time to do it I have too cook some chicken in hot and spicy sauce.

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Busy Tweaking Images for Blog Themes

Hi guys, so sorry if I am not updating here lately. I am so busy these past few days and I seldom update blog nor open Facebook and my email account, we are heading to Mongolia this Friday that’s why I need to tweak all the images that I can tweak before we left as my Adobe trial is expiring soon. So I stopped tweaking or doing some makeover for a while I will continue on August after our vacation,  I am eyeing on preparing a schedule posts, so another task I have to make before Friday comes.

Ipad, Samsung, Music, Play, Google, Tablet, Internet

[Photo courtesy of FirmBee/pixabay.com]

Well, I cooked chicken tid bits a while ago I mean chicken breast that cut into pieces but someone took my place in the kitchen as he gets annoyed because I didn’t follow his instructions as he said , that is to cut the chicken to small pieces, smaller pieces to him is more smaller than I did, haha.  Better luck next time!

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Designing Blogger Themes for Free and Grilling Chicken Breast

After I lost my writing career online errr I mean opportunities on writing blogs since my blog with PR was deleted and I didn’t received any writing offer I don’t earn anymore, I eventually published my old post from my deleted blog to my blogs which are distribute according to categories so don’t be startled if you think you already read them, they are scheduled post which is so good that I did because I am quite busy these past few days not on writing article but on tweaking templates.

Yes, I design themes for free at first but my friend keep telling me to ask for fee, so I eventually did and the blessings keep pouring, I don’t know if I can make them all. Charot!  Oh well, as I would like to tell story how do I started with this, its not the day for being nostalgic, so I hope I could post on Thursday.

If before I wake up two o’clock in the afternoon now I have to wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning just to continue dropping EC to my frequent visitors,  if before I just log-in to Facebook once to twice a day now I don’t log-in at all, so if you wish to contact me just email me because I also seldom open blogs, haha.


By the way, I am quite busy today. Pookie bear is really annoying sometimes because when he knew you are busy he will make you more busy, instead of frying the chicken breast without oil I have to grill it with the electric grill, it would be fine if I am not going to clean the grill,. so it took me long time to clean the kitchen.

Haist,  just wanna say thank you to Ate Vernz for the untiring support for promoting my designs to her community (I owe you one!) ,  haha and to everyone who promoted it as well, too many to mention you know who you are my heartfelt thank you, I really need bread  as this moment because my father has no job so my mother asked me if I already earned from writing articles, if you don’t know yet all my earnings were send home, so far in my two years of existence in blogging world I earn $300 and a few, lol. So small but its better to have something than nothing, right?

Last Sunday, June 12 is my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday again tay!)  and as usual it is just a normal day. Independence day bring memories to me because  once upon a time I went to school with bruises and marks,   do I need to blame the Philippine miniature flag? Haha!

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Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok)

This is what I have cooked the other day and now it is in the garbage pail, well not all just the left over which is supposed to be my meal today. What happened? A  huge bear throw it in the sink, just when I wake up he perfectly told  it to me, he said it is my fault for not keeping it in the fridge as what I am told to do so but hello it’s adobo, it was cooked with vinegar and won’t spoil easily. So mean, so I have nothing to eat today but eggs, I don’t feel like eating spam eh.


Chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, potatoes, oil, onion, garlic, water


  • Saute the the garlic and onion
  • Add the chicken let it brown a litte
  • Add the vinegar and let it boil then add the soy sauce and do the same
  • Add enough water after wards, seasoned it with black pepper
  • And when it is near to cook add the potatoes
  • Serve hot with rice
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