Resting from Tiring Days

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Just enjoying my time alone being busy lately, busy sleeping and cooking (lol). You know, just taking my time resting from those tiring days, our hiking was moved again in May 17. Hopefully this hiking will materialize that day because if not, no more hopes that we are going to hike.  My bear is also sleepy and he can’t wait anymore for bedtime, he collapsed on top of the bed.

Bear in the Bed

Guess what, my WP blog receives a lot of spam comments, I wonder how those people stumble to my blog. Well of course I don’t approve them because it is all about promoting products and links.

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  1. Mona says:

    Ganon talaga ata sa wordpress daming spammers pero prang nakakatulong na rin as traffic .. Anyway, meron sis na plug in ah pra sa mga spammers ewan k lang kung nagana kasi my mga spammers pa rin ako.

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