Shopping at Lotte Super and Forgetting the Wallet at Home

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I am being forgetful these days, it was been a few weeks already since I shopped alone for our groceries.  Yesterday I decided to go to Lotte Super first before shopping at the Nong Hyup Supermarket as I want to buy a jar of peanuts or sunflower seeds. I am almost at Lotte Super when I remember that I forgot to bring my husband’s wallet instead of going home I just went inside and look for the food I want I still have few wons on my wallet. But of course I have to go home again to get the wallet as my money is not enough for groceries unlike those times I forgot to bring my husband’s wallet I have cash on me.

Lotte Super

[Lotte Super in Shinha-ri, Icheon]

When I opened our door, my husband immediately asks me if I forgot something and he started laughing on how did I forget to bring the money.  Lol, Anyway I went to Nong Hyup and shopped for groceries all I bought for myself is milk as I think I have enough food for one more week.

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