Shopping at Lotte Super and Forgetting the Wallet at Home

I am being forgetful these days, it was been a few weeks already since I shopped alone for our groceries.  Yesterday I decided to go to Lotte Super first before shopping at the Nong Hyup Supermarket as I want to buy a jar of peanuts or sunflower seeds. I am almost at Lotte Super when I remember that I forgot to bring my husband’s wallet instead of going home I just went inside and look for the food I want I still have few wons on my wallet. But of course I have to go home again to get the wallet as my money is not enough for groceries unlike those times I forgot to bring my husband’s wallet I have cash on me.

Lotte Super

[Lotte Super in Shinha-ri, Icheon]

When I opened our door, my husband immediately asks me if I forgot something and he started laughing on how did I forget to bring the money.  Lol, Anyway I went to Nong Hyup and shopped for groceries all I bought for myself is milk as I think I have enough food for one more week.

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Shopping for Vegetables in Lotte Super


Tomorrow will be the start of our juice fasting but dunno if we can start together because I cooked too much rice and I have to eat one pot of it for one day, which is today. It feels like I am pig, pigging out with the rice I can’t rely with my husband because a cat ate more than he ate rice, 70g of rice per meal that’s what the amount of rice he ate.

Oh well as I have said from my other blogs we shopped for vegetables in Lotte Super, we had a nice deal with carrots 4 kilos for $6 only. As you can see our fridge is full of vegetables and there’s no extra space for our water filter so my husband has no choice but to drink warm water.

Wondering why we shop in different supermarket this time? Oh well we’d done canvassing last week and Kim’s Mart wins as the cheapest deal but we decided to visit Lotte Super yesterday to look for my husband brush for his electronic toothbrush and then we found out the good deal for carrots and we ended shopping all the vegetables we need. The carrots are located in the top and below.,

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