Shopping Online for Pasalubong

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Shopping online is one of the more convenient thing to do and one of the things I have enjoyed the most when I have extra cash to spend. My shopping haul is not for myself, but for my family. I love sending presents to them and any products that I found sale online.

Pantene Shampoo 90ml

Recently, I shopped frequently so I can fill the “balikbayan box” I need to send home. It is for my family and gift for my relatives as we are leaving Korea soon. One of the items I bought online are Pantene shampoo, they are cheap for ₩590 per 90ml bottle. These are perfect as a homecoming gift to my relatives, right?

ON Body Soap

I have thought shampoo is not enough as a gift so I search for soaps that are on sale in Gmarket, I was lucky to find ON body soaps on sale (ON: Lovely Perfume and ON: Sweet Perfume) ₩6, 900 for 10 soaps so I bought 2 sets, making it 20 ON body soaps.

Closeup 100ml

With the Lunar New Year coming there are plenty of items on sale in Gmarket and when I found a good deal for Closeup toothpaste, ₩2, 900 for 100mlx5 I bought five sets making it 25 pieces of 100ml Closeup toothpaste, also a perfect match for my gift set, isn’t it?

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