Shopping Online for Pasalubong

Shopping online is one of the more convenient thing to do and one of the things I have enjoyed the most when I have extra cash to spend. My shopping haul is not for myself, but for my family. I love sending presents to them and any products that I found sale online.

Pantene Shampoo 90ml

Recently, I shopped frequently so I can fill the “balikbayan box” I need to send home. It is for my family and gift for my relatives as we are leaving Korea soon. One of the items I bought online are Pantene shampoo, they are cheap for ₩590 per 90ml bottle. These are perfect as a homecoming gift to my relatives, right?

ON Body Soap

I have thought shampoo is not enough as a gift so I search for soaps that are on sale in Gmarket, I was lucky to find ON body soaps on sale (ON: Lovely Perfume and ON: Sweet Perfume) ₩6, 900 for 10 soaps so I bought 2 sets, making it 20 ON body soaps.

Closeup 100ml

With the Lunar New Year coming there are plenty of items on sale in Gmarket and when I found a good deal for Closeup toothpaste, ₩2, 900 for 100mlx5 I bought five sets making it 25 pieces of 100ml Closeup toothpaste, also a perfect match for my gift set, isn’t it?

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Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

Shopping for shampoo and conditioners is what I love the most when they are on sale. I am hopping from the nearby supermarket to look for sale and discounted hair regimen but I can’t find any. Of course, my favorite thing to do is to shop online. Shopping online is more convenient and I can get the best discount using coupon codes and free shipping deals.

Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

I have tried many shampoos already, but when I used Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall I have noticed my hair becoming softer and shinier and since then I have been using this brand. Thinking that Dove shampoo will be expensive in the Philippines I decided to buy more Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner to be sent home.

Retail Price: ₩11, 900/780 ml
Sale Price Online: ₩3, 900/780 ml
Savings: ₩8, 000/780 ml

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Neutrogena Body Moisturizer

The number of lotions and body creams in the market is enormous and it is hard to know which one is good or not. I have been using Nivea lotions for years already since I moved in Korea but recently I have been reading good reviews about Neutrogena and Cetaphil Products, I would like to try any of of the two but I have found out that they are a bit expensive for my budget.

Neutrogena Body Moisturizer 450ml

With this, I decided to look online because most items are cheaper in Gmarket then buying them in local stores. Neutrogena body moisturizer was on sale from one seller so I ordered immediately using the coupons I found under member’s benefits. It was a good deal, I can only buy one Neutrogena moisturizer in the local supermarket at this price but online it was for 2 items.

Retail Price in Supermarkets: ₩14, 000 – 17,000 /450ml
Online Retail Price: ₩20, 200 – 450mlx2

Online Sale Price: ₩19, 900 – 450mlx2
Gmarket Coupon: ₩1, 990
Total Price after discount: ₩17, 910 450mlx2

Gmarket Savings – ₩2, 290
My Savings (from buying online): ₩14, 000 – 17,000

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Big Sale on Pantene Shampoo

On Saturday while waiting for the pizza I have ordered I decided to go the nearby Nonghyup supermarket to look around, I want to buy items on sale that I can add into the box I am going to sent home. While walking in the aisle I have seen again the pantene shampoo, I almost bought it a day ago by impulse.

Pantene Shampoo Brown

Well if I have won the first time, not this time. I bought the shampoo after few thoughts, it is really hard to resist on big sale, it cost $11.21. It will actually cost four shampoo in the price of one. Pretty good deal huh?

Retail Price: ₩8,900/500ml
Sale Price: ₩14,800 – 500ml x 4
My Savings: ₩20,800

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Shopping Online and Using The New Korean Address

Patiently waiting, paranoid and never mind. Haist I have ordered 32G USB online last Friday and it is on request until yesterday, late last night it was already on delivery and I am expecting to receive it tonight but until now nobody knocks or ring our doorbell that makes me paranoid every time I’ve heard a car/truck outside.

Dunno if the delivery man will find our new address, I guess there’s no problem if I have used our old address but since it is already 2012 I’ve decided to use the new address that was given to us by mail. We have new address because the Korean government change their address system, naming the streets and building which started on 1997 and will start effect this year, it says the new address system is  for convenience purposes where the numbering is based on street names. Oh well I think I have  to wait until tomorrow.

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