Snow Days Can be Dangerous

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I am quite busy tweaking these past few days that I can’t visit my blogs and post an article, I am also procrastinated. I have nothing else to write maybe because I don’t usually share and talk what I am doing and etc., sort of private person huh? Lol!

It snowed a lot today it cause heavy traffic in the main street I remember a friend who wished to snow a lot I just chuckled remembering her childish wish. Heavy snow can cause a lot of problems and accidents in the street eh., Anyway I  decided to rest for a while and blog I am going to tweak again tomorrow.

I have cooked  a soup tonight and as usual my husband told me to separate soup for him all he wanted is the vegetable and he don’t like macaroni on it, too much carbohydrates as what he reasoned out.

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2 Responses to “Snow Days Can be Dangerous”

  1. printer toners says:

    I agree with you that heavy snow can cause huge accidents each day and during these winter days we also use soup many times. thanks for this useful post.

  2. Mona says:

    Ako gusto ko mag snow dito sa pnas hahah .. Parang mangyayari haha.