Sleepy Head: Failed to See the Jongmyodaeje in Seoul

As expected of sleeping late it is too tiring to wake up early, as I have blogged previously we should be in Seoul today but guess what when the alarm clocks strikes,

Ryanne: “Sweetie, I don’t wanna go!”

Pokie Bear: “Me too, I am too tired, let’s just see it next year

So the result return to bed, we slept as early three o’clock in the morning and wake up at seven o’clock in the morning, and it seems four hours of sleep is not enough to start our day and travel to Seoul and in that case we have to wait until next year to be able to witness the ceremonial rites (Jongmyodaeje a Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon) as it only happened once a year on first day of May. Haist, what a long wait, next time learn to sleep early!

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