JC Burgers at Traveler’s Bar and Grill (Bundang)

Sorry guys for not responding or visiting your comments these past two days, I am quite busy and feeling sick. I have to do it tomorrow. We have sleep early last Friday so I only have short time to update online, anyway “we sleep early” as we have planned to visit Seoul the next day.

So went to Seoul yesterday (Saturday) darn there’s a lot of locals going to Seoul so it took us one hour before we can take a bus amidst the long line, we first went to Hongdae to the travel agency so they can apply for Mongolian visa for Pookie bear which I don’t need, I am free to enter Mongolia without visa but Canadian  is not free and then took the subway to Itaewon to shop, but the fickle minded me didn’t find anything I like as they are so expensive for my standard so we just ended buying a new pair of shoes for Pookie bear, then after it we took the subway again to Bundang line (Seohyeon) so we can eat our late lunch,  very far huh? Well it’s Pookie bear’s birthday and he chooses Traveler’s Bar and Grill  in Bundang as treat for his self us and as he is drooling to triple JC burger, a six patties of meat. We are almost lost because according to the information he got online the location can be found in exit 6 but subway has no exit 6, just up to 5, then we find out exit 6 of the mall, and you can be there by exiting at exit 3 and 4 of the subway.


Double JC Burger

So after being lost we finally found it, actually he found it as I didn’t see it well their name is too small and I missed it by just looking at the big streamers in the building, it is located in the third floor so we took the elevator., to cut the story short we ordered the double JC burger for me and triple for him, he beat that if I can eat all of it he will buy me a new laptop, so I said prepared my new laptop already. Well so sad I lost I just ate single JC burger and stop, I am too darn full to eat more. I feel sick looking in the burger patties, I can’t chew it anymore once I did it feels like I am going to throw it up. It is so cheesy and so fatty.  He said that I have to remember that eyes is bigger than the stomach, anyway he continue eating his triple JC burger until the last part of it and he almost puke, so full. We drink 5 glasses of coke, and one glass of water, I had my left over put to box, the funny thing is before Pookie bear can finished his burger the waitress who is serving us already finished her duty, so we are not able to give her a tip. Yeah, he took two hours and twenty minutes to finish 3 lbs. of beef, 24 strips of bacon, fries and 6 slices of cheese.


Triple JC Burger (collapsed)

After it we return to the subway but before taking a train we bought a box of Krispy Creme, when we reached Express Bus Terminal it is already 8:30 in the evening and all the bus tickets are sold out, so we run like hell back to the subway to go to another bus station which is  in Gangbyeon, we are almost lost where to transfer even we are holding an old torn map of Seoul subway from the fliers of Indian restaurant in Itaewon maybe because we are in panic, it already happened to us that we didn’t get any bus to both stations. While in the train I have told Pookie bear it looks like buying  Krispy Creme is not good idea because the first time we buy Krispy Creme we also don’t get a bus, so it is just a repeat of the first incident. Anyway when we reached Gangbyeon we really walked so fast together with other people and the funny thing is when we purchased the bus ticket there’s only one word came to the lips of all the other locals in the ticket windiw “Icheon”, nyay that means those people didn’t get a bus ticket too in Express Bus.

Inside the bus the sick feeling I feel get worst maybe because I have rested my body from the worry of not getting a bus to go home, as we reached home (10:30 in the evening) after shower my minor headache became worst and my lower left abdomen is aching thinking I just drink a lot of coke, I drink plenty of water but still my headache is killing me, the last time I got this severe headache,  when we are in Incheon Airport departing to China where I ate burgers too, from Mcdonalds. I rested for a while as I can’t look in the front of my computer  but it doesn’t help, headache plus the feeling of vomiting is killing me.  So I have no choice but to withdraw all the food I ate, excused me to say this but I vomited all the food I ate, when I went out the bathroom, Pookie bear says I just wasted his money (lol) then he laugh afterwards asking me if I am feel better.  Well yes, I feel better after I throw up all the food I ate, my headache is gone but I feel very hungry as this moment as my stomach is empty.

I don’t know but it looks like burger makes me sick, I have food intolerance with burger.  So burger is now out of my list for a long time, actually I am not eating burger since the last incident in Incheon Airport but my eyes is soooo hungry. I will reply and visit you tomorrow, its already 4:14 in the morning here (Sunday), I need some sleep.

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Hiking at Seoraksan

I feel like a crippled right now, I was not able to blog yesterday as I am dead tired. We finally did the hiking tour yesterday, we wake up at five o`clock in the morning, eat breakfast and headed to the bus station, we reached Seoul at around 7:00 AM and took another bus to Sokcho. Then took another bus (7-1) to Seoraksan National Park. We purchased ticket entrance and we started our hiking journey, along the way up to Biseondae there’s a lot of students in group keep saying hi and hello to Pookie Bear, he is so kind not to response to few he said if he did everybody will do the same, imagine how tiring is it. Haha!


When we reached Biseondae and started walking in the trail we’ve seen only few people mostly are old couple which is a great relief to be away from the group of students. I have experience to climb on rocks, which is sometimes very tiring as it feels like I am going to crawl already. My legs are sore and so thirsty too, we just bought one small bottle water each as we thought we can buy more water at the end of our trail.


After three hours we reached Yangpok Shelter, we just stayed for five minutes while the other hikers are preparing their lunch, then we move out to return to Seorak-dong (Park entrance)  where we begin our hike.  We hike around 13 kilometers in almost six hours which is already good for first timer hiker like us according to me. Hehe, we didn’t continue to the peak anymore as we need to go home, we need to catch a bus much better if not the last trip.


Well I thought I can’t see the park entrance anymore as my feet, legs and shoulder are already sore, I walked like crippled already, it is really painful to walk. I keep asking rest time but Pookie bear says we need to hurry so we can get a bus and take a rest, when we reached the third shelter from the entrance we bought water and I one waffle for me as I am already hungry I never eaten anything aside from my breakfast and one piece of cookie.  We had a rest for few minutes while watching the mountain climbers, then when we reached the second shelter I bought a milk shake ice cream, Pookie bear asked me if how many times I am going to eat.  Well I am really hungry plus I believed eating something while walking will help my feet to walk, so my attention is not on my aching legs but into my food, isn’t it?


After one kilometer and so, we finally reached the park entrance but we need to walk more to go to the bus stop. We took the bus for 40 minutes and took another bus to Seoul for around 2 hours and another bus going here in our place for 1 hour. Actually Pookie bear is kinda angry with me because when we are in Seoul, the lady in the ticket office gave us a 9:30 PM (last trip) bus so he asked me to ask her if there is an early bus but I am too hard headed to follow as I can’t speak Korean so he did it, the lady in the window I purchased can’t really speak English so the lady in the next window was the one who answered. I didn’t hear what she says all I know we still got the same bus ticket, when we reached the platform we found out there’s a bus that will left right this time, 7:30 PM. So I told Pookie bear maybe he could ask the driver if we can get inside as it looks like it is not full, that’s the way I see in another bus station where the driver allowed other passenger with another schedule, he asked me again if I can do it but again I said I don’t know what to say, in short I did not follow him so he did it again and voila we are allowed to take the bus as it is already leaving and there’s a vacant seat at the back.

When we reached home I just take a bath and eat my dinner while my foot is soaked in hot water with little salt then sleep with a wet hair. I am really sleepy and dead tired as we just sleep three(3) hours before our hiking tour. Pookie bear wake me up though he asked if I cooked rice for his breakfast as I didn’t I have to wake up and cook with a sleepy head.


So right now my lower body is sore,  oh yeah if I forgot to say I had a fever last night, I walked like a zombie (lol) and  Pookie bear is angry with me, I had a cold treatment from him, as what he said last night, much better if he left me in the bus station (lol) he will took the bus and I will wait for the bus scheduled in our ticket.

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Sleepy Head: Failed to See the Jongmyodaeje in Seoul

As expected of sleeping late it is too tiring to wake up early, as I have blogged previously we should be in Seoul today but guess what when the alarm clocks strikes,

Ryanne: “Sweetie, I don’t wanna go!”

Pokie Bear: “Me too, I am too tired, let’s just see it next year

So the result return to bed, we slept as early three o’clock in the morning and wake up at seven o’clock in the morning, and it seems four hours of sleep is not enough to start our day and travel to Seoul and in that case we have to wait until next year to be able to witness the ceremonial rites (Jongmyodaeje a Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon) as it only happened once a year on first day of May. Haist, what a long wait, next time learn to sleep early!

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Gangbyeon Bus Station: Dongbu Express

Bus is an important public transportation of human society, we can find bus anywhere that travels up to the farthest destination of a certain country.  Well it’s been a long time since I took  bus and went to Seoul the last time was on February when I am supposed to meet my cousin in Seoul.  The photo below was taken that day, while I am waiting for the bus going to our city, I went out the terminal and took few photos of everything including this pink bus which is very lucky to be part of Pink Fridays.

This is an Express bus owned by  Dongbu Express begin its operation on July 5, 1972 with Seoul-Yongin route.  As what I have read Dongbu Express currently operates 200 units of express buses, which are equipped with the latest facilities such as satellite TV and high quality seats in 30 routes with Youngdong region as their basis of operation in provision of advanced passenger transportation service. The company received Traffic Culture Award given by the Korea Broadcast Services and  been recognized as the safest and friendly express bus services through designation of 1st ranking company in the survey of Korea Industry Customer Satisfaction conducted by the Korea Management Association.

The drivers are really friendly when the bus left and arrived to its destination the driver will just stand near the doorway and greet all the passenger.

Read more @Dongbu Express

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Visiting Seoul Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be my first travel to Seoul alone, a test on changing myself to be independent. I almost had a tantrums the other night when my husband told me I need to apply a visa alone to go to Bangladesh but I remember I need to behave and grown up  he can’t go with me tomorrow he has a class to teach.

The Bangladesh embassy  changed the rules in  span of time because the last time we visited the site Filipino doesn’t need a visa to go Bangladesh. So mean, so I’ve contacted Emelyn she’s been asking me for a meet up since the last time we met almost nine months ago, lol. So I think this is the chance to see each other again after a long time of excuses and etc., luckily she just left her job so she is free to walk with me. So tomorrow we will going to find the Bangladesh Embassy in Itaewon then after it visit a museum and visit their nest.

Anyway I am proud of myself because I can now pay the bills alone at the bank without arguing with my husband. Hehehe

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