My Other Blog Has Been Deleted by Blogger

My blog was been deleted by Blogger today “Anything and Everything”  it says it was detected as spam blog I asked for a review and I have to wait for two days for the result. I have paid post from Inpostlink which is due to be pay tomorrow but guess what it won’t happened anymore as my blog is in accessible at this time.

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I am planning to move all my blogs to WordPress but I don’t how much will it cost me, plus I have no funds right at this moment I just send my earnings home. Sigh, it gives me headache, Pookie bear even laughed  at me because I keep asking him to have his own blog and earn from it especially he is a native English speaker and seeing how devastated I am the no became a big big NO! Oh yeah, I also don’t know why I am now following all of my blogs here in blogger, magic?

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