Children’s Day in Korea

Feeling tired right now, early this morning I was awaken by the air serene and loud Korean voice announcing something, too bad I cannot understand it that I went back to sleep. It is not war yet, what came to my sleepy mind it might be  a drill and sort of announcement.

As it is holiday tomorrow “Children’s Day” and the gym will be close we attend a gym tonight, for three consecutive days, after gym. Do the first batch of laundry and cook fried rice two times,  download some photos in my sister’s Friendster account and now blogging while eating jelly ace. They’re almost one month in the fridge and I just have time to eat them. Well what else? Well yeah my weight, I lose one kilo Pookie bear keep teasing me I lose muscle and not fat.

[Image not Mine]

According to Wikipidea  in South Korea, May 5 is officially recognized as Children’s Day (어린이날). Parents often give presents to their children, as well as spend time with them. The children are taken on excursions to zoos and museums. The holiday was originally celebrated on May 1, but was later moved to May 5.

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